Garlic (sunflower) oil - 350 ml
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Garlic oil, cold pressed, Agroselprom, 350 ml

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Garlic oil obtained by asserting garlic in unrefined sunflower oil and subsequent single cold pressing /oil extract of garlic/.

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Product code: 60977039
EAN Code: 4820043012930
Package Quantity: 350 ml
Origin: Ukraine
Ingredients: Garlic oil
Shipping Weight: 0.800 kg
Suitable for: Adults, Vegetarians, Vegans

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Product information

- 100% natural product
- Manufactured by means of mechanical operations using the method of the first cold pressing

Unrefined garlic oil received in the result of cold pressing has the highest nutritional and therapeutic value unlike refined oil received by means of extraction. In case of cold pressing the maximal possible vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances which define various unique properties of grape seed oil. Unfortunately to date another method of grape seed oil manufacturing is used. It is the method of extraction. In case of this method of manufacturing oil quality is much lower but greater amount of oil can be produced than in case of using the cold pressing method. And in connection with this the prime cost of refined extraction oil is incommensurably lower. And so unfortunately to date it is really difficult to find a real unrefined grape seed oil manufactured by means of cold pressing method on shelves of supermarkets and pharmacy shops. And what we see on these shelves is cheep refined extraction grape oil!

Unrefined garlic oil manufactured using cold pressing method has a soft pleasant taste.

Useful properties of Garlic oil:

- Garlic contains numerous sulfur compounds which have a potent antiviral effect.
- Garlic has antiplatelet effect, ie prevents blood clots in blood vessels.
- Garlic has the ability to lower cholesterol levels in blood serum. Medical studies in Germany have shown that garlic can raise the level of "good" cholesterol by at least eight percent.
- Garlic is able to lower blood sugar, which makes it very useful dietary tool in the treatment of diabetes.
- Garlic has cardioprotective effect and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
- Garlic positive impact on the growth and division of cells. These properties cause regeneration and rejuvenating effect.

Indisputable healing qualities of fresh garlic in diseases of the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, heart disease and many others.

Garlic also include numerous useful substances such as fiber, fat, macro and micro elements, phosphorus, manganese, iodine, magnesium, zinc, sulfur. All of them can add vitamins C, B, D, P and essential oils.

Thanks to this wide collection of useful elements garlic often can be used for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes.

Garlic oil has been well proven in the treatment of:

- Respiratory - garlic oil has a beneficial effect in acute and chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, asthma, respiratory diseases;

- For the digestive system - garlic oil contains nutrients and substances that work to improve the functioning of the digestive system;

- Cardiovascular system - garlic oil successfully applied to prevent and control heart attacks, stroke, low blood pressure.


Cold pressed garlic oil.

Packing: 350 ml in glass bottle


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Garlic oil, cold pressed, Agroselprom, 350 ml

Garlic oil, cold pressed, Agroselprom, 350 ml

Garlic oil obtained by asserting garlic in unrefined sunflower oil and subsequent single cold pressing /oil extract of garlic/.

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