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List of products by manufacturer FitoFarm

FITOFARM is Macedonian company that works in the production of high quality, all natural dietary supplements, cosmetics, herbal syrups and more.

FITOFARM is Macedonian company based on m Dr. Lence Atsiska, specialist pharmaceutical technology. The base was in 1989 Since then the company has a constant progress and development to stage a modern company with a stable positioning.
FITOFARM present its range of products in the markets of Macedonia, Montenegro and above, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and now in Bulgaria with the support of Zdravnitza.

In 2008 FITOFARM opens ultamoderen factory in an industrial area Vizbegovo - Skopje, Macedonia. The facility has 2000 m2 area for primary and secondary production, storage and administraivni offices.

FITOFARM has been issued and GMP certificate.