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Natural products 

Wide variety of healthy foods and beverages, natural flours, spices and sweeteners, and many others in the Zdravnitza - online store.

There are 948 products.


  • Health and Super foods

    Can we eat really healthy? What are healthy foods, how much and how to order? The answers to these questions in a Zdravnitza - online store.

  • Vegetable proteins

    Rich variety of proteins of plant origin, suitable for adults and children, for athletes, vegans and vegetarians in "Zdravnitza".

  • Noodles, Macaroni, Pasta

    Rich variety of noodles, macaroni, and pasta in online helath store "Zdravnitza".

  • Paste and Tahini

    Rich variety of healthy pastes and tahini in online health Store "Zdravnitza".

  • Chocolates, biscuits,...

    Wide variety of natural chocolates, biscuits, raw and protein bars in online helath store "Zdravnitza".

  • Seeds, nuts and dried...

    Seeds and nuts are some of the most prominent, so called. Super foods. They are a source of energy, protein, fat and nutrients.

  • Health drinks

    What drinks are healthy? How do they help us to be healthy? How much and how to order these drinks? The answers to these questions in Zdravnitza - online store.

  • Natural flours

    Wide variety of 100% natural flours from different cereal in Zdravnitza - Bulgarian, healthy online shop.

  • Natural vinegars

    Wide variety of 100% natural vinegars from different raw materials in online health store "Zdravnitza".

  • Spices

    There are spices and food supplements in addition delicious are very useful for human health. Who are they? Find in Zdravnitza - Bulgarian, healthy online shop.

  • Sweeteners

    You know that white sugar is not so useful. What, however, we can replace it? Find health decision in Zdravnitza - Bulgarian, healthy online shop.

  • Honey and bee products

    Variety of bee products, including bee pollen, propolis, propolis tincture, honey and others. in online health store "Zdravnitza"

  • Chicory products

    Rich variety of Chicory products such as soluble chicory (natural coffee substitute), chicory cappuccino, chicory extract in online health store "Zdravnitza".

  • Slimming products

    Find the correct and effective product that will help you reduce the weight and look perfectly in Zdravnitza - Bulgarian, healthy online shop.

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