"Zdravnitza" is a registered trademark owned by "New S Net" LTD - Bulgaria. "Zdravnitza" deals with import, export, manufacture and trading (marketing) of healthcare products.

"New S Net" LTD is registered BIO trader and meets all the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union.

"Zdravnitza" started in 2006 as an bulgarian information portal (www.zdravnitza.com), which gives its users a lot of information about alternative medicine, diseases, herbs, nutrition, diets and many others.

After the launch of our information portall we opened our, own healthy store. Our healthy store is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and offers a huge range of health products, including health foods, herbs and herbal products, food supplements, natural and medical cosmetics and others.

Together with the start of our health store we improving and optimizing our online store. (shop.zdravnitza.com).

In early 2015 we began to expand our business on the Internet, so far our online store is available in two (2) languages - Bulgarian and English.

At the beginning of 2016 opens Logistics Center "Zdravnitza". The new center is located at: 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria - 74 Odrin str.

We deliver our products anywhere in Bulgaria and Europe.

"Zdravnitza"- logistic center: 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria | 74 Odrin str.

Representative store of "Zdravnitza": 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria | 23 Neofit Rilski str.

We have registration in the register of producers, processors and traders of agricultural products and foods that are organically grown at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food - Republuc of Bulgaria: №3196, 24.06.2014

Certificate of registration for wholesale of food and healthcare products (Bulgarian Food Safety Agency): №329065, 01.10.2014

Certificate of registration for wholesale and trading of cosmetic products (Regional Health Inspectorate - Sofia to Ministry of Agriculture and Food - Republuc of Bulgaria): №2220017089, 07.06.2013


You have your own business, shop or pharmacy?
You can sell our products. We have a special partnership policy and we are able to offer discounts on all our products.

Our products have all the necessary documents and certificates and are authorized for sale in the European Union.

Our partenrs price list includes over 500 products. We have no minimum order quantity. We supply our products to anywhere in Europe Union by courier companies.

Our partners pay their orders in advance through PayPal or bank transfer. Each sent package is accompanied by the necessary payment documents.

For more information or questions you can contact us at:

"New S Net" LTD
1000, Sofia, Bulgaria
74 Odrin str.
e-mail: office@zdravnitza.com


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