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1. Subject

1.1. The present terms and conditions are the conditions for using the Online Health Store “Zdravnitza”, which governs the rules for using shop.zdravnitza.com, including the conclusion of a purchase contract with a merchant from this online store. The terms and conditions also include the seller / customer agreement when purchasing through shop.zdravnitza.com

2. Seller Details

2.1. “Zdravnitza” is a registered trademark owned by “New S Net” LTD, headquartered in:
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
74 Odrin str.
VAT: BG121797027

2.2. “New S Net” LTD manages Online Health Store “Zdravnitza” in form of the online platform shop.zdravnitza.com

3. Terms of Use:

3.1. Terms and conditions of use are mandatory for all customers and users of the platform.

3.2. Using the platform means that you have become acquainted with Terms and conditions of use and have agreed to abide by them unconditionally.

3.3. Terms and conditions of use may be changed by “New S Net” LTD at any time by updating them in Online Health Store “Zdravnitza”.

3.4. “New S Net” LTD has the right to make changes in Terms and conditions of use at any time. Changes may be made at their sole discretion or if they are imposed by virtue of a statutory instrument.

3.5. For every change of Terms and conditions of use “New S Net” LTD informs the customers of Online Health Store “Zdravnitza” by publishing them on the platform. The customer is required to refer to any changes to Terms and conditions of use of the platform.

3.6. If any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Use are declared void or voidable, entirely or in part, or are otherwise found to be invalid, the remaining provisions will remain in full force. The provisions that are not legally valid or cannot be legally enforced, will be replaced by provisions that approximate the intent of the original provisions to be replaced, to the greatest extent possible.

3.7. Online Health Store “Zdravnitza” contains links to other sites. “New S Net” LTD is not responsible for the policy, confidentiality and information of websites that it does not administer.

4. Sales Policies

4.1. The customer declares his willingness to order or purchase goods via Online Health Store “Zdravnitza” either electronically or by phone. The request is registered by the client or an employee of “Zdravnitza” on his behalf.

4.2. Online Health Store “Zdravnitza” will send a notification to custumer to register his order. This notification is not accepted as a confirmation or commitment to send the order. The notification is sent by email.

4.3. 4.3. Seller has the right not to deliver part or all of the goods for a variety of objective reasons, including due to exhaustion of stock availability. In any case, the employees of “”Zdravnitza” will notify custumer via email. The sole responsibility of the seller is to return the amount received in advance for the good or service.

5. Order

5.1. The customer can place orders in Online Health Store “Zdravnitza” by adding goods or services to the cart by following the ordering steps.

5.2. Any added goods or service in the cart can be purchased if available. If the customer does not complete all the order steps, then the order can not be accepted.

5.3. The customer is obliged to provide accurate details of his order.

5.4. By order sending custumer allows “Zdravnitza” to contact him in any possible way when required in connection with the order.

5.5. “Zdravnitza” has the right to cancel custumer order. In this case “Zdravnitza” informs custumer vie email. Order cancellation does not bind the customer and the seller. The customer and the seller are not entitled to seek cpompensation for orderd cancellation in the following cases:
- If the customer's bank does not accept an online payment transaction;
- If customer data provided is incorrect or incomplete.

5.6. The Customer will pay all direct costs for the return of products offered by “Zdravnitza”. The legal deadline for returning a product is 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. The customer must return the ordered products to “Zdravnitza” at:
Logistics Center “Zdravnitza”
1303 Sofia, Bulgaria
74 Odrin str.
phone: +359 2 483 72 91
After returning the product, the client must notify “Zdravnitza” by e-mail: office@zdravniza.com

5.7. The seller is obliged to refund the paid amount for the returned products within 14 (fourteen) days. The amount will be refunded without the customer paying any additional fees unless the serving bank requires any fees.

5.8. The seller has the right to delay the refund until the receipt of proof that the returned products have been shipped.

6. Orders for which the customer has no right to cancel

6.1. The Customer has no right to cancel the order in the following cases:
- Packaged goods that are open can not be returned for health and hygiene reasons.
- In the case of delivery of products which, once delivered and mixed with other products from which they can not be separated.
- Upon expiration of the 14-day legal deadline for product return.

7. Confidentiality and protection of personal data

7.1. “New S Net” Ltd. is a registered administrator of personal data according to the Bulgarian legislation pursuant to Article 14, paragraph 4 of the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Customer agrees that by providing any of its personal data to "Zdravnitza", it agrees that they may be used for the following purposes:
- Customer account maintenance, including order registration, order submission, invoicing, order disputes, or consideration of requirements.
- Periodic notifications by email.
- Making market research, tracking and monitoring sales and customer reporting.

7.2. In accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation, "Zdravnitza" undertakes to process the personal data under conditions guaranteeing its preservation and preventing its accidental loss and only for the stated purposes.

7.3. Each custumer has the right to send a written application containing the date and signature and sending it to: 1303 Sofia, Bulgaria, 74 Odrin str. The customer has the right to receive information if his / her personal data is processed for which he / she does not pay any additional fee.

8. Applicable law – Jurisdiction

8.1. These general conditions are subject to Bulgarian law. Any disputes that arise between "Zdravnitza" and clients will be resolved by mutual consent or, if that is not possible, disputes will be settled in a Bulgarian court of law.

9. Payment

9.1. The client has the opportunity to pay the orders made in the following ways:
- Cash on delivery . The service is valid only for orders sent on the territory of Bulgaria.
- Bank transfer - to the account of “New S Net” LTD.
- PayPal - platform for international electronic payments.

9.2. Cash on delivery payments can only be made in BGN (Bulgarian leva).

9.3. Payments by bank transfer can be made in BGN or EUR.

9.4. Payments via PayPal can only be made in EUR.

9.5. Depending on the form of payment, the customer receives the necessary information regarding the payment by email or phone.

9.6. Orders with a payment method - bank transfer are executed upon receipt of the amount on the account of “New S Net” LTD.

10. Delivery

10.1. The delivery is made by courier companies on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the countries in the European Union.

10.2. The delivery price is included in the total cost of the order, except when the customer benefits from preferential terms for free shipping.

10.3. The delivery price varies depending on the number and type of products ordered, as well as the selected courier company. Delivery prices are calculated and displayed to the customer before the order is completed.

10.4. Orders are delivered to the customer's address or to an office of the selected courier company.

10.5. "Zdravnitza" is not responsible for the delay of delivery caused by the actions of the courier company.

10.6. The order is sent to the client only for a signature that certifies that the order in “Zdravnitza” has been successfully completed.

11. Settlement of disputes

The European Online Dispute Resolution Platform www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ provides information on alternative dispute resolution that may be of interest if there is a dispute that we can not resolve between us. For more information please contact us.

12. Others

12.1. "Zdravnitza" warns customers / users that the information provided in an information portal and a online health store can not replace a doctor's visit, a professional diagnosis, and the treatment required.

12.2. The client's choice of herbs, dietary supplements, diets should be agreed with the GP or a professional doctor.

"New S Net" Ltd can not be held responsible for any purpose, connection or consequence of the use of this site.


Customers and users of “Zdravnitza” can contact us:

Logistics Center “Zdravnitza”
1303 Sofia, Bulgaria
74 Odrin str.
Phone: +359 2 483 72 91; 932 09 51; 932 09 57

“Zdravnitza” Helath store:
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
23 Neofit Rilski str.
phone: +359 2 483 73 42


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Last updated: August, 2021