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“New S Net” Ltd. is a registered administrator of personal data according to the Bulgarian legislation pursuant to Article 14, paragraph 4 of the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Customer agrees that by providing any of its personal data to "Zdravnitza", it agrees that they may be used for the following purposes:
- Customer account maintenance, including order registration, order submission, invoicing, order disputes, or consideration of requirements.
- Periodic notifications by email.
- Making market research, tracking and monitoring sales and customer reporting.

In accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation, "Zdravnitza" undertakes to process the personal data under conditions guaranteeing its preservation and preventing its accidental loss and only for the stated purposes.

Each custumer has the right to send a written application containing the date and signature and sending it to: 1303 Sofia, Bulgaria, 74 Odrin str. The customer has the right to receive information if his / her personal data is processed for which he / she does not pay any additional fee.

We collect and use personal information to understand your needs and interests and to serve you better. In addition to the information you provide to us, we may also collect information during your visit to our site through automatic data collection tools that include cookies, links, pages and other commonly used information collection tools.

The information we collect to understand your needs and interests helps us make your visit consistent and personalized. For example, we may use your information to:
- help with filling an order;
- Informing products or services;
- provide services and support;
- announce new services or other benefits;
- Provide personalized promotional offers
- Choose content to be shown to you

"Zdravnitza" understands the importance of the confidentiality of your personal information. For each transaction, we ensure data security for all users and ensure that personal data is protected.