From the list of home products for beauty and radiant face we offer 2 infinitely easy recipes recommended by specialists in the field.

For smooth skin

Pour a small amount (1 teaspoon) of brown sugar into your palm. Add to it a little jojoba oil and apply vigorously on your face. Sugar crystals act as a scrub. Thoroughly rub up and down a few minutes. Then wash off only with warm water and leave your face dry. A wonderful emulsion is produced between essential oil and water, which nourishes and makes the skin smooth and radiant.

Face and body lotion

Mix ½ salicylic alcohol and ½ rose water. The alcohol must be a solution of 2 percent and the rose water is not perfumed. You can buy both products at any pharmacy. Mix alcohol and rose water immediately before the procedure and wash each face every night, rub your body or certain areas of it. Let it dry without washing. The effect is quick and secure in your efforts for beauty.