You must be tired of looking like you just came out of the boxing ring.

Nine out of ten people have this problem at one stage or another in their lives, so it's no surprise that dark circles around the eyes are one of the most common beauty problems. The reasons range from insufficient sleep to allergies, sun exposure and hereditary factors.

The main causes of eyes dark circles are:

- Bone structure - if your eyes are located inwards, a shadow is created, which makes the eye contour look darker. The best option for you is to cover with concealer.

- Pigmentation - hyper pigmentation, which is inherited, is probably the easiest to treat. The whitening cream will work for you, but for more severe cases, consult a chemical peel or laser lightening.

- Inflammation of blood vessels - staying up late, allergies and lack of supplements can increase blood vessels under thin skin. Dehydration also leads to dark circles and sunken eyes, so in this case the advice is to lead a healthier lifestyle!


The easiest, cheapest and most accessible way to deal with this problem is a corrective stick or foundation. The effect is striking, the tired look disappears and the overall radiance of the face changes. Different types of concealers are available on the market according to the type of skin and the degree of concealment. If the skin around your eyes is dry, apply eye cream beforehand.


To combat this problem you should include a cream against dark circles under the eyes in your daily program. Prefer one that contains elastin, collagen, vitamin E and C. For more mature skin, it is good to use a cream with the active ingredient alpha-hydroxy acid, which removes dead cells and allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin. But you should know that the skin around the eyes is very delicate and you should avoid over-hydration, which will clog the pores of delicate skin. The renowned centers will offer you special therapy for eye contour.


If dark circles are permanent, talk to a dermatologist for a more intensive solution to the problem. You will probably need a whitening cream, chemical peels or laser correction. The active ingredients in whitening creams reduce cell pigmentation. You can buy such cosmetics freely from any pharmacy, but it will take you two to three months to have a visible effect.