The advice comes from Dr. Vasilka Yurukova, homeopath and Schussler therapist.

We associate acne mostly with puberty, but it turns out that's not exactly the case.


Skin pores contain oil glands, and when we hit puberty, certain hormones called androgens increase. With an excess of androgens, overactivity of the sebaceous glands occurs and they begin to produce too much oil, called sebum. Sebaceous glands become clogged with sebum and conditions are created for the development of bacteria that cause acne. It develops very well precisely in clogged follicles that are deaerated. Sebum acts as "fuel" for the fat cells, which is how inflammation and pimples appear.

Interestingly, scientists have discovered that the bacteria that causes acne has 40 strains, of which 2 are beneficial for the skin.

Whether a person will get acne also depends on the hereditary factor: if our parents had it, the probability that it will appear in us is very high.

Why does it appear at puberty and why is acne so stubborn to treat?

There is no acne in old age, because its appearance is related to the boom in hormones that occurs during puberty.

Acne occurs, and it is severe, from taking anabolic preparations. It is very difficult to treat, especially in men who have used them to gain impressive muscle mass. On the one hand, the intake of anabolics activates acne, and on the other hand, it worsens the work of the liver. There is no healthy skin without a healthy liver.

Many people also think that acne is an isolated skin problem, but it is not. The appearance of these pimples on the face is also due to impaired functioning of other organs in the body. For example, after aggressive therapies and after taking some chemical substances.

Acne develops best in people with a certain mindset.

For healthy skin

The skin is a reflection of the function of the liver, the intestines and the presence of some hormonal imbalance in the endocrine system. Then the doctors talk about the so-called "hormonal" acne that appears on the jaw, chin, even on the neck. It is often very red and inflamed.

When the liver and intestines are not working well or are clogged with toxins, the body tries to clear them out of the body and expels them through the skin.

Acne can also appear during pregnancy, before and during the cycle, again because of hormones. "Hormonal" acne also occurs with the use of birth control pills.

However, acne is not just inflammation, it is also an entrance for infections. You know, when a person has a pimple or a rash on his face, he tends to scratch it or squeeze it, and in this way, conditions are created for additional bacterial infections such as staphylococci, streptococci, etc. Many organs in a person must work in sync and be healthy in order for acne not to appear.

What is the psychosomatic connection for the appearance of acne?

Acne is a typical example of a psychosomatic disease. They are initially triggered by emotional conflict, tension or stress.

The interesting thing is that the homeopathic medicines that are used for acne are precisely related to this urge to not accept oneself, to feel angry, to be unpopular in social networks, the fact that they do not have a boyfriend during this period also affects the adolescent particularly painfully . The young man makes the mistake of thinking that he is only as valuable as others think he is. About 80 percent of teenagers don't like themselves, and the percentage of acne breakouts is roughly the same.

It becomes a problem if this poor self-esteem passes and when a person becomes an adult. This is also the way to help these patients overcome not only the acne, but also the way they feel.

Other tips:

1. The liver becomes congested if we constantly eat fatty foods, mayonnaise, fried foods, fatty meats.

2. Foods that contain sugar greatly worsen acne, as they favor the development of infections. People who undergo a healing fast, fast regularly for several months, stop eating meat for a while, immediately report an improvement in their condition.

3. For acne, it is good to increase the alkalinity of food, the skin will improve visibly, if we increase fruits and vegetables, it would help a lot.

4. Do not choose aggressive treatments, but a holistic approach. E.g. the use of antibiotics and antibiotic creams to deal with acne, as well as hormone blockers, etc.

5. The combination of Schussler (Mineral) salts No. 9, 11 and 12 is recommended against acne.

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