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What is BOX NOW?

BOX NOW is a logistics company that delivers to its own network of Automatic parcel machines. BOX NOW lockers are always located in a key location in the city, accessible 24/7, and powered by their own solar panels, this allows you to collect your parcel at any time of the day without worrying that you might not be at the address or you have wait in front of the offices of other courier companies.

After choosing BOX NOW for delivery, you will have the opportunity to indicate the locker closest to you from which to pick up your package.

When will my order arrive at the Box Now locker?

If you have chosen delivery to a BOX NOW locker in the territory of Sofia, your order will be waiting for you on the same day for orders sent before 16.00h from Monday to Friday.
Deliveries outside Sofia are made the next day after the order is sent.

How can I pay for an order if I choose BOX NOW?

Since this is a fully automatic service that does not require the intervention of a courier, you can pay for your order only in the following several ways:

1. By credit/debit card at the time of completing your order

2. "BOX NOW Payment" - this means that you will receive an automatic message that BOX NOW will send you via SMS or Viber or email the moment they accept the shipment. This message will contain a link where you will be able to pay with your credit/debit card before picking up your order from the BOX NOW machine.

3. By ePay.bg system

4. By bank transfer

BOX NOW lockers do not have an option for on-the-spot payment and/or POS. In any case, the order must be paid in advance before it is taken from the box.

How to pick up your shipment from a BOX NOW locker?

When we ship your order, BOX NOW will send you an SMS, Viber message, or email containing a PIN code as soon as your shipment arrives at the selected locker. Enter the code on the machine's keypad, and one locker will open automatically.

How long will the shipment be available in the BOX NOW locker?

The residence time of the shipment in the container of the selected locker will be at least 48 hours, counted from the delivery confirmation message sent by BOX NOW to you, which period will be automatically extended by the system free of charge for an additional 48 hours in the event that the shipment is not picked up. At your request, the stay period can be extended free of charge by another 24 hours via the BOX NOW website. The shipment will be returned to us upon the expiry of the above-described terms.