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Босилек, Етерично масло, Styx - 10 мл.
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Basil, essential oil, Styx, 10 ml

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Basil essential oil has high antibacterial and fungicidal activity. Effective in inflammatory and cold diseases.

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Product code: 85886369
EAN Code: 9004432005139
Package Quantity: 10 ml
Origin: Austria
Ingredients: Basil oil
Shipping Weight: 0.040 kg

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Product information

- 100% pure ORGANIC essential oil
- Contains no preservatives, coloring agents and excipients
- An oncologist, removes malignant neoplasms from energy centers
- Natural antibiotic
- Fragrance with a wide range of applications

Healing properties:

Possessing high antibacterial and fungicidal activity (in relation to gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi), basil is effective in inflammatory and cold diseases. Accompanying therapy with basil when taking antibiotics increases the effectiveness of treatment 5-6 times! Anti-epidemiological.

Effective remedy for runny nose, does not allow complications of rhinitis (sinusitis or inflammation of the middle ear). Restores the sharpness of the sense of smell after the transfer of the inflammatory processes. Anti-cough, expectorant. Removes the obstructive components of bronchitis. Relieves toothache, eliminates inflammatory phenomena in the oral cavity.

It has an antisclerotic effect, removes sensorimotor disorders (headache, weakness, nausea), has a general strengthening effect. Antispasmodic - relieves headaches. Optimizes microcirculation and peripheral circulation.

Cosmetic application:

Tones, smoothes the skin. Removes warts, papillomas, stretch marks. Helps with neurodermatitis. Strengthens, stimulates hair growth and regeneration. Self-sufficient in the care of problem skin (for acne, burns, complicated wounds).


100% pure ORGANIC essential oil (Ocimum Basilicum)

Does not contain preservatives, dyes and auxiliary substances!


1. Evaporator (aroma lamp): 5-6 drops per 15 square meters.
2. Rinse: 4-6 drops of teaspoon of salt diluted in a bucket of water.
3. Inhalation: 1 drop for about 5 minutes.
4. Massage: 9 drops of 15g of base oil.
5. For wound flushing: 9 drops are added to 1/3 cup of water.
6. For fungi, warts: clean oil is applied to a thin cotton swab that is placed on the affected area.
7. Intimate baths: 5 drops of 1/2 teaspoon of soda are dissolved in 200g. water.
8. Internal: 1 drop of honey, sugar, jam or dried fruit once a day, then drink 200 g yogurt or aryan
9. Aromamedalion: 1-2 drops.

Safety measures:

Do not apply for more than 21 consecutive days. Long-term use during pregnancy, as well as by persons prone to thrombophlebitis, is undesirable. When applied to the skin in the first minutes there is a feeling of light anesthesia, tingling. When taken internally at first, it is possible to feel the taste of basil up to 45 minutes after taking it. The reaction is natural.

Packing: 10 ml


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Basil, essential oil, Styx, 10 ml

Basil, essential oil, Styx, 10 ml

Basil essential oil has high antibacterial and fungicidal activity. Effective in inflammatory and cold diseases.

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