Often, those who suffer from acne or rashes face their consequences - the scars. Let's see what can be done to avoid skin damage or make the scars less noticeable.

Although acne is not a serious, life-threatening disease, its presence can cause serious discomfort and suffering.

Acne is a very annoying problem, especially for younger people. It is quite common and can affect anyone. Most often, acne appears in the places where the sebaceous glands are - on the back, chest, face. Most often, acne bothers teenagers during puberty, but acne can also be caused by genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance, lack of hygiene, stress or poor diet.

It is very common for people who suffer from acne to develop scars. Some of them can be quite visible. It is difficult to get rid of these scars, but there are still ways to make the flaws less noticeable, and even disappear completely

What should we do?

First of all, do not expose your body to sunlight for too long. The sun interferes with the skin and the ability of scars to heal quickly.

Second, do not treat dead skin from areas where there is or has been a rash. This disrupts the recovery process.

Third, include in your daily menu foods that are rich in vitamin C, for example fruits.

In case, after all the efforts, the acne cannot be overcome, you should consult a specialist who will suggest a suitable surgical procedure.

Remember that the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment are mandatory if you want to be successful. Look for experienced dermatologists!

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