Cocoa butter care intensely for complete hydration of the skin. Thanks to him, she gets rid of any irritation, acquires incredible softness and elasticity. Protect her and the negatives of direct sunlight. Valuable is its ability to heal wounds, eczema, burns. Make less visible stretch marks and other skin defects whose treatment is lengthy.

The antioxidant and anti-cellulite properties of cocoa butter allows it to provide a high degree of care and skin protection.

Useful properties of Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter for acne
Cocoa butter helps with acne. The abundance of antioxidants in it not only reduces the aging process, but also those associated with the active flow of the inflammatory process. Coupled with proper diet this oil gives excellent results in the treatment of acne.

Cocoa butter - Anti-Wrinkle
The active ingredient in cocoa butter nourish deep, normalize and maintain the water-lipid balance. At the same time ensuring effective protection of all external factors. It smells of cocoa butter is one of the most powerful tools in the care against the telltale wrinkles.

When wrinkles around the eyes will be required 5 g cocoa butter and 10 ml of sea buckthorn oil. Cocoa butter melts advance and are mixed with the oil. The finished mixture is applied around the eye area. You can apply at night before sleep - without washing.

Combination of cocoa butter and coconut oil
Cocoa and coconut oil is a favorite combination. It is preferred because of the divine fragrance and for ease of application and rapid absorption. Although in recipes for ointments two oils and the second melt in a water bath after applying a finished ointment on the skin, it instantaneously melts. This is due to the valuable coconut oil.

Cocoa butter for beautiful and healthy tan
The use of cocoa butter will give you a nice and above all healthy tan. Cocoa butter gives incredible radiance and skin and the particles in it are perfect reflector of the sun. Ointments with him are good choices and to highlight the already acquired tan.