Beautiful skin is, above all, healthy skin. If you want to have healthy, supple, silky skin, need constant and careful care. Did you know that it can help some wonderful small solar-orange fruits?

Sea buckthorn - a plant known under various names (sea buckthorn, buckthorn, sea pineapple), but the reason for its popularity is one - its unique miraculous action. Even in ancient times, people noticed the beneficial effects of this plant. Legends about the mighty warriors of Alexander of Macedonia or glittering manes of the horses of the ancient Greeks are told today.

The composition of sea buckthorn is impressive!

Pure statistics:
190 biologically active substances;
18 amino acids;
14 vitamins;
11 microelements;
42 types of lipids

In a grain of sea buckthorn has three times more vitamin A than a carrot; 10 times more vitamin C than oranges; 7 times more vitamin E than almonds.

With all these nutrients, sea buckthorn is invaluable in cosmetic care. Sea buckthorn oil beautifully hydrated helps regeneration and defenses of the skin and is widely used as an active ingredient in many cosmetic products.

Sea buckthorn is very rich in Vitamin A. This vitamin is responsible for the hydration and elasticity of the skin; Vitamin E prolongs youthful skin.

No less important for skin is vitamin C, it contributes to improving and maintaining its elasticity. Other vitamins (B, P, K) also favorably maintain the health and beauty of our skin.

Sea buckthorn is an excellent tool for the care of dry, withered, limp and blemished skin.