Black cumin oil is known for centuries as a potent immunostimulant, it has a number of health properties that make it useful in a variety of problems. Over 100 active ingredients in the oil, which in regular use have beneficial effects in diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin disorders, hair loss, acne, gastrointestinal problems, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, influenza, etc.

Ayurveda uses its bitter, warm and stimulating nature in the treatment of diarrhea, hemorrhoids, cough, fever, fatigue, etc.

Moreover, blackseed oil has analgesic, high temperature, antioxidant, antiparasitic, antibacterial, antitumor and vasodilating action, reduces blood sugar rapidly heal wounds, insomnia, decreased nervousness, affect the thymus, stimulates the bone marrow, increased tone sexual activity, contributes to increase milk after birth.

Black cumin oil is rich in essential acids (omega 6 and 9), a source of important Prostaglandin E1 (for hormonal balance, blood circulation, protecting the skin from inflammation), arginine (growth of children), Nigel (antihistamine) and plant-specific Timokvinon (anesthetic analgatik and antioxidant), black cumin oil is a good choice for a healthy life for all ages. Black seed oil increases and balances the immune system, thereby helping to combat disease alone and without side effects.

The presence of phytosterols further enhances possibilities to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. It also contains arginine useful for people who have suffered injury, burns, inflammation - stimulates the release of growth hormone and collagen synthesis.

Black cumin oil is a potent and proven:

- Immunostimulator - strengthens and balances the immune system;
- Anti allergic and antihistaminic - favorable effect in various Target species allergies, asthma, sinusitis;
- Analgesic - relieves pain (headache, cramps, menstrual pain, migraine);
- Anthelmintics - destroyed and disposed of worms and parasites;
- Antioxidant - prevents destructive oxidation and slows cell neutralize free radicals;
- Antipyretic - high temperature;
- Diuretic - stimulates urination and discharge from water retention.