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Quercetin - health benefits

Quercetin belongs to a group of plant compounds called flavonoids. These substances act as "cleansers" (antioxidants) in our body and absorb and destroy free radicals

Vitamin D - health benefits and rules to usage

Vitamin D is indispensable because it performs numerous physiological functions. It is also known that the vitamin has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The main amounts are provided to the body by the effects of sunlight.

Amaranth - health benefits and nutritional values

The name amaranth comes from ancient Greece and means "inextinguishable", "unfading". In Greek mythology, amaranth helps against love torments and mental anguish, against physical pain and any other human failures.

Propolis and Echinacea against flu and colds

There is nothing to be afraid of - neither the cold, nor the flu and its complications, since in folk medicine we have some of the most effective products such as propolis and echinacea - a powerful immune stimulant.