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Health products

Echinacea fights 200 different viruses

The traditional intake of Echinacea extract decoctions is associated with the prevention and relief of infections and inflammations of the upper respiratory tract.

What are the vitamins that every woman needs?

The female body is in dire need of certain vitamins. When we eat and live right, and take enough care of ourselves, we will look younger and more beautiful. Let's see which vitamins are needed to call ourselves beautiful women.

Sore throat - causes, symptoms and folk recipes

Inflammation is a signal that you are a victim of an infection - viral or bacterial, especially during the flu, that you have irritated the sensitive mucous membrane of the mouth with something, etc.

Zeolite from the Rhodopes - health benefits and uses

There are over 100 different types of zeolite. The variant that is most suitable for human health is clinoptilolite. It is greenish, and the degree of color saturation depends on the vein from which it is extracted.

Why is the medicinal plant called Cat's Claw?

South American Indians are traditionally celebrated as some of the healthiest people in the world. The secret of their immunity is due to the use of cat's claw and other plants typical of the region, which have been used for centuries.