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15 super health benefits of walnut oil

To take advantage of the action of walnut oil, there are several conditions. It must be clean, natural and cold pressed. The benefits of walnut oil are extremely many and it is good to take advantage of natural methods to stay healthy.

The health benefits of green tea

In the last few years, green tea has become increasingly popular in Western Europe as well as in North America, and is about to replace the traditional black tea consumed there.

Wormood - Bulgarian folk elixir

Wormwood has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. Numerous effects have been attributed to it, including increased appetite, digestion and menstruation.

Leuzea - health benefits

Leuzea helps to overcome heavy physical and mental stress - helps to restore the body after severe illness and during intense exercise and active sports.

Ginger - aspirin from nature

It is believed that it can soothe a headache in less than 15 minutes. This is because ginger contains gingerol, which has an aspirin-like effect and has the same blood-thinning properties naturally.