In pharaonic times, the Egyptians had vast knowledge of the properties of the plant. For hair problems, they used castor oil liberally, and later Egyptian Copts preferred the roots of the plant more. They crushed and squeezed the roots in water, let them soak for a while, strained them, and poured the remaining water over their heads.

Later, other Far Eastern peoples recommended that castor oil be applied directly to the hair as a means of reducing baldness and promoting new hair growth.

The Egyptian Copts (local Christians) highly valued the oil extracted from castor seeds, especially as a headache remedy. In an ancient papyrus we read: “Put it on the head of the sufferer. The patient will soon feel as if he had never been ill”. That's why herbalists today recommend, in case of a headache, to wet a small, clean piece of cloth with castor oil and place it on the forehead."

German settlers brought the basic principles of European folk medicine to America.

Among them is the recipe for compresses with castor oil against arthritis:

Heat 2 tablespoons of castor oil in a non-aluminum pan. Remove from heat and dip a small piece of clean cloth into the bowl. Stick the compress prepared in this way to the sore spot, being careful not to burn yourself. Cover the compress with plastic wrap and a terry towel. Stay with it for 30 min. Repeat the procedure as needed, but only when the affected joint is not inflamed.

One of the favorite remedies against age spots in the traditional medicine of various peoples is precisely with castor oil. Put a few drops of castor oil on a cotton pad. Apply to the spots daily as needed.

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