Many people complain of perpetually sweaty hands, both in the heat and when working in closed, heated rooms. The reason is not in the high temperatures, but in the nervous tension, which activates the work of the sweat glands. A popular herb called Elfdock (Inula helenium) comes to the aid of sufferers.

The herb was known for the healing properties of both ancient peoples and St. Hildegard, as well as the priest Sebastian Kneipp. It contains essential oils, pectin, bitter substances, turpentine, resins, and also inulin.


Take dried roots of the herb and grate them so finely that you get powder. This usually takes more time.

Take from the powder and vigorously rub into your hands. Then fill a small tub with warm water and soak your powdered hands for 10 minutes. Do the procedure until you get better.

Where to buy Elfdock?

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