Cranberry is an evergreen small shrub, up to 40 cm tall, with an upright stem. The leaves are elliptical, entire, leathery, dark green above, light green below with dark spots. The flowers are bell-shaped, pale pink and are grouped. The fruits after ripening are red juicy. It blooms in the first half of summer.

Historically, Indians used the cranberry fruit to treat diseases of the bladder and kidneys, while early settlers in England used it to treat poor appetite, stomach complaints, blood diseases and scurvy.

Health Benefits:

Experts recommend cranberry consumption to prevent stomach ulcers, heart and blood vessel problems, and even cancer.

In addition to bright colors and a very sour taste, blueberries are distinguished by their rich content of vitamins, which are very strong antioxidants.

Cranberries have the properties to fight infection and inflammation. Red fruits are very effective in treating urinary tract infections, stomach and gum diseases. Fresh cranberry juice is used to prevent cancer and diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Cranberries contain a molecule called non-dialysis material (NDM). It covers some surfaces like Teflon and prevents infection-causing agents from settling there. They also prevent two-thirds of ulcer-causing bacteria from attaching to the stomach wall.

Cranberry is also an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which prevent aging of the body and the onset of chronic diseases, so doctors recommend eating the fruit as often as possible.

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