Sunburn is a direct consequence of our skin being exposed to UV rays for a long time. The affected areas begin to itch, turn red, and after a few days they begin to peel off and a new layer appears underneath. However, large blisters may appear on the skin and then it is good to consult a dermatologist. In general, it is good after a severe sunburn to lie down for 1-2 days in a cool and dark room to recover faster.

Here are the herbs that can help us against sunburns.

First of all, this is the marigold (calendula). Here is a recipe for mild sunburns on the skin:

Recipe 1

Take a handful of dried or fresh marigold flowers and make a tea out of it. Cool it and use it to apply cold compresses on the skin. If larger areas of the skin are affected, repeat the compresses every 8 hours.

Recipe 2

It is also good to make an oil extract of marigold (calendula) 1:10 (flowers: vegetable oil), soak for 14-28 days. The resulting oil is used to anoint the skin. Do it in advance, even before the heat has started. The resulting extract also helps with frostbite. You can buy ready-made calendula oil from "Zdravnitza".

Recipe 3

Can we protect ourselves from sunburn? If we make strong black tea, it can prevent damage from UV rays. Brew the tea and let it steep for at least 30 minutes before straining. Exfoliate your body several times before going out in the sun.

Another prevention is to use lotions with a high sun protection factor (minimum 15) before and during stay in the hot sun.

Recipe 4

1 tsp Chinese tea is poured with 250 ml boiling water. Soak for 30-40 minutes and strain. The procedures are done for sunburns 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes - they remove the pain and burning sensation.

Recipe 5

In case of burns from strong sun, make a bath, adding 1 tea cup of apple cider vinegar to the bath water.

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