Lungwort is a herbaceous rhizomatous evergreen perennial plant of the genus Pulmonaria, belonging to the family Boraginaceae. The basal leaves are green, cordate, more or less elongated and pointed and always with rounded and often sharply defined white or pale green patches. The upper surface of the leaves has tiny bumps and it is quite hairy. The leaves of this host plant are eaten by the caterpillars of the moth Ethmia pusiella. In spring, the plant produces small bunches of flowers. The 5-petal flowers are red or pink at first, later turn to blue-purple during the anthesis, by changing the pH value inside of the petals.

It grows in shady scrub and moist deciduous forests. Widespread throughout Bulgaria up to 1500 m above sea level.


The herb has an expectorant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect.

Health Benefits:

Lungwort leaves contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements - magnesium, iron, boron, titanium, nickel copper, silicon compounds, tanning substances.

In Lungwort, vitamin C is preserved even after drying and preserving the leaves.

Since ancient times, they have noticed that the use of Lungwort as food has a beneficial effect on the body. It is still used today by many peoples, and in some countries it is grown as a salad plant.

The medicinal properties of the herb have been known and used since the Middle Ages for the treatment of coughs and diseases of the respiratory tract. In Bulgarian folk medicine, Lungwort is used for sore throat, bronchitis, shortness of breath, pulmonary tuberculosis and other lung problems.

Suggested Use:

The herb is taken in dry form as 1 tablespoon is infused for 1 hour in 500 ml hot water. The strained infusion is drunk in 3 equal parts during the day before meals.

Old Austrian recipe:
Dry Lungwort leaves are ground into powder. Take 2-3 tsp. and add in 1 cup warm milk. Add 1 tbsp. honey It is recommended to stand for some time, and not to drink immediately, in order to obtain a better mixing of the inserted ingredients.

It can be drunk as a dessert or between meals. Those who have an intolerance to fresh cow's milk or prefer other types of milk can replace it with oat milk or fruit juice.

The drink is recommended for general strengthening of the body, incl. and for adolescents.

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