The advice comes from Borislav Kaleichev, one of the best mineral therapists in Bulgaria.

The best natural purifier /absorbent/ is zeolite, which with the best qualities is found in the Rhodopes.

International teams of scientists have been studying the mineral for almost 30 years, Russian scientists paid attention to it after the Chernobyl accident and developed it for human consumption. They found that it is a very powerful radioprotector against radioactive contamination. The mineral absorbs the radioactivity in the body and carries it out.

However, man has been interested in minerals for therapy for millennia. The most widely used minerals today are tourmaline, zeolite, and shungite. Shungite e.g. dates back to the time of Peter the First, by whose order every soldier had to carry a piece of shungite in his knapsack to purify his water while on the march.

Types of zeolite

There are over 100 different types of zeolite. The variant that is most suitable for human health is clinoptilolite. It is greenish, and the degree of color saturation depends on the vein from which it is extracted. You have to be careful where you buy it from, according to some data, 2/3 of the zeolite supply is industrial raw material that has not been processed and is marketed solely for profit. Usually, the cheapest raw material is taken from the market, repackaged, and offered to consumers. There will still be an effect on health, but much weaker. However, the goal is to have the maximum effect of the zeolite therapy.

Zeolite qualities

A powerful purifier - not only in the body but for the purification of drinking water, for gases in the chemical industry, incl. and for refining fuel oil.

In the human body, it captures toxins, free radicals, heavy minerals, and radioactive elements. However, it is very important that the zeolite is activated to become an absorbent and with minimal amounts to achieve the maximum result. First of all, it must be ground into very fine particles and in sufficient quantity to be able to enter the bloodstream. Then the zeolite also purifies the blood.

The second activation is thermal, it has thermal water in it that needs to evaporate from it to be able to capture toxins in general. Zeolite is a porous material and when there is water in it, it cannot become a purifier because the water in it interferes with it. Therefore, before being offered on the market, it must pass through vacuum dryers. this is done to extract the molecular moisture from it.

The third activation involves high-frequency activation of the zeolite itself. It is done because finely crushed zeolite forms colonies in the human body and its absorbent properties are reduced. This means that each zeolite particle does not stick to the other, and circulates throughout the body to purify.

In what form should zeolite be taken?

You can drink the water in which the zeolite stones are immersed, but this is the weaker therapy. It is very important to drink the zeolite itself, triple activated, in the form of powder, maybe in capsules, somewhere it is also available in the form of tablets. Then it is hundreds of times stronger than water.

This option can also be done: purify the water in a jug, and then purify it with zeolite stones.

Health Benefits

In diabetic conditions and metabolic disorders, in hormonal imbalance, oncological diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases of any kind - enterocolitis, gastritis, reflux, etc.

Zeolite is offered as an adjunctive therapy. It has no side effects, and is compatible with most drugs of classical medicine. The mineral should be taken according to a scheme, and not indiscriminately. For each patient, the dosage is different and the duration is different. Therefore, it is best to contact a specialist. One is for purifying the body - as prevention, another is for a metabolic problem, and the third is for cancer.

Synthetic zeolite is also available on the market, it has been developed for more than 40 years, but it cannot replace natural zeolite in any way. The synthetic one is made from a special type of clay to which microelements - silicon, magnesium, etc. are added so that the product generally has absorbent properties.

The world's largest deposit of zeolite is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, in the area of the village of Beli Plast and the village of Most.

Various combinations of zeolite with herbs are also available on the Bulgarian market: e.g. chokeberry, which gives a very good effect. Aronia harvested in Bulgaria has the highest number of organic flavonoids. Aronia is available as flour/powder and in combination with zeolite it affects hormonal imbalance and also autoimmune diseases - Hashimoto's disease.