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Biotanin - for mouth problems

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Recommended for inflamed and bleeding gums, periodontal disease, stomatitis, mouth ulceration, oral candidiasis, abscesses, and others.

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Package Quantity: 100 ml
Origin: Bulgaria
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All used in the preparation "Biotanin" medicinal plants have a rich background in both traditional medicine of different countries from East and West, so in many places and in officinal Pharmacopoeia. So the oak, sumac and karvavicheto blood geranium is one of the best fitoadstringenti multiple certifying the results. Blood geranium also has immunostimulatory and hematopoietic properties, complemented by anti-inflammatory action of liquorice and chamomile and Hemostasis - white yarrow. Universal resin ordinary geranium and cloves are carriers of some of the Broad phytoncides in the plant kingdom (acting on aggregate over 500 species of bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa), and besides, cloves (and negovvoto oil) has long been used in the composition dental disinfectants and against toothache.

Extract from medicinal plants "Biotanin" contains a wide range of biologically active veshtestva: galotannins, biokatehini and flobafeni, flavonoid quercetin, essential oils, resins, triterpene saponin glycyrrhizin, ahilein, vitamins, minerals and others. They potentiate each other and anti-inflammatory, broad spectrum antimicrobial, astringent, astringent and deodorizing. The complex favorably influence inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and throat of different origins; weak, bleeding gums and reduce tooth root and peripheral pain and discomfort in the oral kuuhina in affecting the gums and oral mucosa. Useful properties can be applied for the prevention and treatment of certain infections throat.
It is recommended that the application of "Biotanin" at:

- Inflamed and bleeding gums (gingivitis in all stages), initial and moderately progressed periodontal disease, stomatitis, mouth ulceration, oral candidiasis, abscesses, etc. .;
- To reduce toothache and limit the risk of infection and other complications after dental procedures;
- Inflammation and gnoynitsi the tonsils, pharynx, and larynx;
- Bad breath.

The product does not contain any synthetic drugs, dyes, flavors, fragrances or preservatives, sugars, gluten, allergenic products of animal origin or beeswax. It is not addictive and disbacteriosis. Can be combined with internal application of appropriate herbal products and food supplements in various forms.

"Biotanin" is applied externally:

• To gargle with Arcol - diluted 1 teaspoon of tincture to 1 tablespoon of water or herbal tea suitable (usually the most suitable №11 or 5) - 2 times daily (morning and evening);
• To gargle - diluted 1 teaspoon of tincture to 1 cupful of water - 2-3 times a day;
• In dental practice - to mitigate certain places in the mouth and throat by placing drains and more. - Undiluted, by coating with a suitable swab.

This product is fully labeled in Bulgarian 

Packing: 100 ml.


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Biotanin - for mouth problems

Biotanin - for mouth problems

Recommended for inflamed and bleeding gums, periodontal disease, stomatitis, mouth ulceration, oral candidiasis, abscesses, and others.

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