"The black seeds heals every disease - it is powerless only against death" In the East, the black cumin is called the "magical" cure for everything. These words about the curative plant are reminded by Dr. Bharat Agarval in his "Healing Spices" edition.

Studies on this black-carbon spice, coming from the Middle East and West Asia, show that it has amazing qualities. It has an immunostimulating effect, protects the heart, is even thought to have anticancer effects.

Black cumin can also help with allergies, asthma, pain, high blood pressure, contact dermatitis, eczema, colitis, multiple sclerosis, high cholesterol. The herb is a valuable supplement in the diet of people who suffer from epilepsy, says Dr. Bharat Agarval.

One of the most important compounds contained in the black seed is the exceptionally strong antioxidant thiomycinone, a compound not found in any other plant. Black cumin is also rich in essential amino acids (protein ingredients), essential fatty acids (fat ingredients), vitamin beta-carotene and minerals calcium, iron and potassium.

The essential oil of the black seeds has found over 100 important ingredients.

It is known that among the objects found in the tomb of Tutankhamun there were seeds of the healing plant.

Hippocrates also valued a lot of black cumin, and in Latin he called it a panacea, that is, a cure for everything.

The black seeds are combined with vanilla, ginger, nutmeg, cocoa, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, coconut, turmeric, pumpkin seeds, chili.