Diatomaceous earth has a very high negative charge. It is easy to attach to the harmful substances such as toxins, viruses, heavy metals, bacteria, and even to the radiation in the body and carries them out of it. This makes it very useful in any detoxification program. While diatomaceous earth passes through the stomach and digestive tract, it attracts and absorbs fungi, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, pesticides, E. coli cars, heavy metals and endotoxins.

The toxins are trapped by diatomaceous earth and expelled from the body. If there are more parasites, they are easily "cut" and killed by its sharp edges. However, diatomaceous earth does not kill beneficial stomach bacteria. While diatomaceous earth passes through the intestines, it actually rubbed and cleaned the walls. Some people like to undergo such a cleansing experience actually "healing crisis".

In this condition they may develop mild inflammation as the immune system revives. With extinction, the parasites release additional toxins which can cause nausea, aches and cramps. Also, the parasites are often housed in itself other parasites, microbes and infections that can cause an additional discomfort. One way to avoid this is to slowly reach first one teaspoon and then one tablespoon in a few days or weeks.