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Diatomaceous earth (diatomite), Perma-Guard, 250 g
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Diatomaceous earth (diatomite), Perma-Guard, 250 g

8,90 €

"Perma Guard" diatomaceous earth is the highest quality diatomaceous earth, available on the Bulgarian market since 2015.

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Product code: 34789257
EAN Code: 5906395603060
Package Quantity: 250 g
Origin: India
Ingredients: 100% diatomaceous earth
Shipping Weight: 0.255 kg
Suitable for: Adults, Vegetarians, Vegans

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Product information

- 100% natural product
- Silicon dioxide of 100% natural origin
- Neutral pH

"Perma Guard" diatomaceous earth is the highest quality diatomaceous earth, available on the Bulgarian market since 2015.

Diatomaceous earth (diatomite) represents the fossilized exoskeletons of the microscopic algae Diatoms - a type of phytoplankton of freshwater origin - can contain even more than 90% amphoric silica and very small amounts of other clay materials.

"Perma Guard" Inc. is a world leader with over 40 years of history in the extraction of freshwater diatomaceous earth of high quality and purity (FOOD GRADE).

FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth can be used as an additive in animal feed (birds and mammals) with an anti-caking effect and has a number of applications in the food industry.

Diatomaceous earth is a source of biologically absorbable silicon - a trace element of extreme importance, confirmed in numerous scientific works. Silicon is needed for:
- Collagen production;
- Healthy connective tissue, incl. bones, joints, skin, hair, nails, blood vessels;
- Good bone mineralization, including in menopause;
- Healthy and elastic blood vessels;
- Healthy cholesterol levels;
- Reduction of the risk of atherosclerosis;
- The correct distribution of calcium and magnesium in the body.

Diatomaceous earth Action

The beneficial effect of Diatomaceous earth "Perma Guard" is realized in three ways - detoxification, nutrition of cells and maintenance of acid-alkaline balance.

Detoxification (physical action of diatomaceous earth in the human body)
Thanks to the cylindrical shape and negative charge of the skeletons, they lock various pathogens found in the gastrointestinal tract (harmful bacteria, toxins, heavy metals) and safely remove them from the body. Cylindrical shells delicately clean the intestinal walls without damaging the mucous membranes. In the extraction and processing of Perma Guard diatomaceous earth, extreme care is taken to preserve the structure and integrity of the diatom exoskeletons.

Silicon supply to the cells
Under the influence of gastric juices, part of the silicon dioxide in Perma Guard diatomaceous earth turns into orthosilicic acid – a biologically active form of silicon that can be used by all cells in the body and is very important for the health of the human body.

Maintenance of acid-base balance
Diatomaceous earth has a pH = 8 (alkaline). In addition, by absorbing pathogens in the body, it significantly reduces the acid load and leads to an improvement in the acid-base balance.

Benefits Amorphous Silica:

Improved immune system function and better resistance against pathogens.

Adequate levels of silicon in the body are associated with:
- Increased production and activity and prolonged viability of important immune cells - macrophages (Mineo et al., 2004) and lymphocytes (Seaborn, 2002).
- Increased production and activity of antibodies (Schiano et al., 1979).
- Improved resistance to diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Healthier, thicker and shinier hair
In a study with silicon intake for a period of 9 months, scientists found a significant positive effect on the tensile strength of hair compared to the placebo group. The hair had better indicators of elasticity and brittleness, and hair loss decreased.

Healthy nails
Silicon is the most abundant mineral in the nails, and not surprisingly, soft and brittle nails can be a sign of a silicon deficiency. Studies have shown reduced nail brittleness in the silicon group.

Firm, healthy skin with fewer wrinkles and faster wound healing
Silicon stimulates the production of collagen type I, activates important enzymes and is related to the synthesis of glucosaminoglucans, therefore its intake is associated with improved skin strength and elasticity.

Biophysicists Louis Kervan and Dr. Richard Barmakian found that silica has a greater role than calcium in bone formation and repair. Bones repair faster with high silicon and low calcium than with high calcium and low silicon. Very often, people taking diatomaceous earth report a reduction in joint and back pain.

Administration of silicon in a controlled clinical trial produced a significant increase in bone mineral density of the femur in women with osteoporosis.

Improves metabolism and contributes to achieving a slim figure
People who are overweight most often have a slowed metabolism. Thanks to the detoxification of the digestive system, the improved peristalsis of the intestines and the general cleansing and strengthening of the body, the natural balance is restored. A clean organism easily copes with any challenge.

Cleansing the body of toxins and pathogens
A single dose of diatomaceous earth contains millions of negatively charged exoskeletons. They attract and lock in positively charged bacteria (including E. coli), protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticides, drug residues and protein-like toxins (which are formed in gastrointestinal poisoning). Diatomaceous earth does not harm the microbiome - the beneficial bacteria have a negative charge and are "of no interest" to the diatoms.

Detoxification of heavy metals
The absorption of methylmercury compounds (CH2Hg)+ by diatomaceous earth was established. Mercury is released from amalgam fillings and vaccines and forms methylmercury compounds in the gut.

Silicon stimulates the detoxification of aluminum from the body and prevents its accumulation
The accumulation of aluminum in the body is considered a probable cause of the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Improved absorption of other trace elements
Often the lack of minerals in the body is a consequence of the low level of silicon. Silicon has an important role in the metabolism of, for example, copper, zinc, germanium and calcium.

Healthy cardiovascular system, normal blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels
Adequate silicon levels prevent calcification and are a necessary prerequisite for healthy and elastic blood vessels.


Diatomite of freshwater origin.

Chemical composition:

- SiO2 - 92% in amorphous form, less than 0.1% SiO2 in crystalline form
- Al203 - 4.52%
- Fe203/Fe0 - 1.16%
- Ca0 - 0.71%
- Mg0 - 0.55%
- Na20+K20 - 0.28%
- S - 0.01%
- Cl - 0.02%
- Mn0 - 0.02%

Where is diatomaceous earth used?

Hundreds of uses for diatomaceous earth are now recognized and there are thousands of products containing diatomaceous earth, including but not limited to: skin care, toothpaste, flour, grain and seed treatment.

In folk medicine, it is used to improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails, connective tissue and vascular problems.

It is characterized by very good filtering properties, thanks to its negative charge and large surface area - 35.7 sq.m./1 g. It effectively captures drug residues, bacteria and viruses, single-celled organisms, heavy metals and methyl-mercury compounds.

Instructions for use:

The product is a natural mineral and is not a food, medicine or food supplement.

It can be used dissolved in water. Avoid long-term inhalation of high concentrations of the sprayed product - it can lead to irritation of the respiratory system. Do not allow diatomaceous earth to get into the eyes - it can cause dryness. In case of dust in the eyes, they should be rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water.

No toxic properties have been established for the substance. The product is without added chemicals, without GMOs, without ingredients of animal origin.

Popular Uses of Diatomaceous Earth:

Diatomite Water:
Dissolve a tablespoon in a glass of water and use once a day.

Cosmetic use:
Diatomaceous earth is diluted with water in a ratio (1:3). The finished mixture can be applied directly to the skin of the face and body. Avoid the eye area.

Against odors:
Due to its specific structure, diatomaceous earth has the ability to capture and absorb unpleasant odors. Place a small, open container of diatomaceous earth indoors.

Not to be used by children, pregnant and lactating women. Keep out of the reach of small children. To be stored in a dry place, in a tightly closed package.

Packaging: 250 g

Certificates & Documents


Microbiological content of Diatomaceous earth.

Download (250.28k)

Heavy metals - report

Analyst report for heavy metal content in Diatomaceous earth.

Download (219.22k)

Kosher Certificate

Kosher certificate of Diatomaceous earth.

Download (216.79k)


АСЕН 04/30/2024

Диатомична пръст

препоръчвам Диатомична пръст да се пие всеки ден.тя е елексир за организма.

    Гергана 10/01/2019

    Здрави зъби!

    Давам на децата си от 5 годишни всекидневно по една плоска супена лъжица в чаша вода, сутрин на гладно. Нямат нито един кариес на възраст 15 и 13 години :-) Благодаря че този продукт е на пазара!

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    Здравница 05/20/2019

    Отговор към Веселина

    моля, консултирайте с лекуващия Ви лекар пред употреба!

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    Здравница 05/20/2019

    Отговор към Спортист

    под информацията за продукта са публикувани всички анализи, сертификати и документи, с които разполага продукта.

      веселина 05/20/2019


      може ли да го еприемам ,ако кърмя ? Благодаря

        Спортист 05/13/2019

        Допингова Чистота

        Има ли някаква информация, дали продуктът е чист спрямо световната антидопинговата агенция - WADA и дали може да се използва свободно от състезаващи се спортисти?
        Аз съм много доволен от продукта, но трябва да съм уверен, че е чист.
        Благодаря предварително

          Валентина Домбева 06/14/2018

          Диатомична пръст

          Продукта се намира лесно в здравните/диетични магазини. Определено работи.

            Наталия 05/10/2018


            Колко време е необходимо да се приема?

              Калоян Ц 02/12/2018

              Диатомична пръст

              Първо..Благодаря за Бързото реагиране и коректно изпълнената доставка на продуктите.Второ...Прекрасен продукт,който се възприема от организма без никакъв проблем и странични ефекти!Трето...Невероятно постигане на желаните ефекти с лекота.

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              Елка 12/20/2017

              Диатомична пръст

              Ефектът от диатомичната пръст се усеща от първите дни. Доволна съм, че открих този продукт

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              Красимира Казакова 11/30/2017

              Може ли да се ползва при болест на Крон

              Може ли да се ползва при болест на Крон, и има ли взаимодействия с лекарства, например имуносопресори и кортикостероид и

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              Юлияна В 10/18/2017

              диатомичната пръст е хубав продукт.

              Определено има положително действие върху косата,ноктите и кожата.Използвам я за маски,в шампоана за измиване на коса.Давам и на голямото си дете.Приемала съм по малко количество по време на бременността ми-нямах проблем.Ако не помогне кой знае колко,поне няма да навреди.

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              Здравница 05/16/2017

              Отговор към Ковачева

              нямаме информация за противопоказания. За Ваше успокоение можете да консултирате приема и с личния Ви лекар.

              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
              ковачева 05/15/2017


              има ли противопоказания - при хухк удачен ли е приема и?

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              Мая д 04/13/2017


              може ли едновременно да ползвам и мака на прах .

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              Albena P 01/25/2017

              универсален продукт

              Диатомичната пръст се оказа много добро решение за поне десет проблема при мен.Хубаво би било всеки дом да разполага с този продукт.

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              Здравница 01/04/2017

              Отговор към Михаела

              препоръчително е да консултирате със специалист по време на кърмене.

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              Михаела 01/02/2017


              Може ли да се използва от кърмачки?

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              Здравница 11/22/2016

              Отговор към Надка

              нямаме информация за противопоказания при прием с лекарства за кръвно.

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              Надка 11/22/2016


              Здравейте, имам високо кръвно и пия хапчета. Може лида приемам диатомичната пръст?

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              Здравница 11/16/2016

              Отговор към Таня

              диатомична пръст, както и останалите продукти, които се предлагат под марка "Здравница" можете да намерите в нашата партньорска търговска мрежа в цялата страна. Търговските обекти, които предлагат нашите продукти за момента са над 100.
              За да разгледате адресите на обектите кликнете върху върху надписа (в десния ъгъл, при информацията за продукта).

              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
              ТАНЯ 11/16/2016


              За жалост го няма и в аптеки дори исках да ми поръчат и така чакам вече повече от половин месец така че ще поръчвам тук надявам се да ми повлияе добре

              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
              Nadka N 11/09/2016

              диатомична пръст

              Супер продукт за почистване на червата и организма и други..Ползваме го цялото семейство вече.

              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
              Диляна Павлова 09/15/2016


              А каква е на вкус? Бихте ли споделили?

              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
              Наталия 07/09/2015

              Прекрасен продукт, който наистина работи !!!

              Изключително действие върху косата ми и кожата ми ! Благодаря , че го има!!! Жалко , че трябва да го поръчвам по Интернет, защото го няма в някои градове го няма !

              • 7 out of 7 people found this review useful.

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              Diatomaceous earth (diatomite), Perma-Guard, 250 g

              Diatomaceous earth (diatomite), Perma-Guard, 250 g

              "Perma Guard" diatomaceous earth is the highest quality diatomaceous earth, available on the Bulgarian market since 2015.

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