We know that diatomaceous earth is used for different purposes. For example, it serves as a natural insecticide. When ingested, it passed safely through the digestive tract of humans and animals as a way eliminate harmful organisms and purified heavy metals. Current research on the diatomaceous earth has shown that it can eliminate E. coli, endotoxins, viruses, remnants of examinations of us drugs (methyl) and mercury residues of organophosphate pesticides.

In short: diatomaceous earth can cleanse the body, ie detox.

Meanwhile, larger parasites in the body literally being cut by sharp edges of diatomaceous earth.

Also, when you consume more than you expect it to have more bowel movements, ie it acts laxative. Thus, as the intestine is emptied regularly, they push the toxins from the body. Some people believe that cleansing with diatomaceous earth can reduce the risk of any diseases, but many simply say they feel better after using diatomaceous earth for cleansing and detoxification.

More Health Benefits:

We have already discussed the ability to clear the body. However, some people believe that this powder can be used in a wide range of diseases - Alzheimer to aging. Listed benefits are not yet proven scientifically, but anyway diatomaceous earth has healing properties.

That's what benefits it comes:

1. Prevents Alzheimer's
2. Improves the health of the heart and lungs
3. Diatomaceous earth stops premature aging
4. Improves Immune System
5. Increases bone health and reduces the squeal of osteoporosis

How to use diatomaceous earth to cleanse the body?

The two most important things while using it for cleaning are: drink plenty of water and use it for food.

Start by mixing 1 level tsp diatomaceous earth in 250 ml. water before breakfast. Take 1 tsp water before going to bed.

Some experts recommend diatomaceous earth to use hot distilled water, but it is not so important.

When your body gets used to diatomaceous earth, you can safely raise the dose of 3 tsp day and so for 4 months and then continue taking 1 level tsp diatomaceous earth in your favorite drink for supportive treatment.