Diatomaceous earth is a food-grade natural substance of organic origin, which consists of a shell of phytoplankton (microscopic unicellular organisms, diatoms) aged several million years. This substance has many health benefits for people, plants and animals, but also used in the household, as bezopasnen, natural and non-toxic insecticide.

Diatomaceous earth with high quality constitutes 89-95% silica in the amorphous form, which makes it safe for consumption by humans and animals, for use as anti-sticking agent, and in the production of medicines. The other crystalline form of silicon is not suitable for administration to humans and animals.

Diatomaceous earth dry and violates the exoskeleton of insects and parasites - at plants in various domestic and commercial premises.

Part of the container to diatomite silica is metabolized in the digestive tract, to release the biologically active silicic acid. It is crucial for the health of the body.

Diatomaceous earth beneficial effects

Body parasites
Many human diseases are caused by parasites. Diatomaceous earth helps eliminate parasites by improving the motility and purifying functions of the intestine. With its negative charge attract and lock in its structure microscopic pathogens (positively charged) and removes them from the body.

If you suspect you have parasites, it is advisable to accept additional digestive enzymes. They help disintegration of dead organisms, and moreover digestive enzymes (especially proteases) help to break down the cell membranes of viruses that may be carried by parasites.

Diatomaceous earth may be taken with other anti-parasitic products.

A single dose of diatomaceous earth contains millions of negatively charged shells of diatoms that attract positively charged:
- bacteria
- mushrooms
- molds
- Amoebae (protozoa)
- viruses
- endotoxins
- pesticides
- Residues of drugs
- Escherichia coli bacteria
- heavy metals

Detoxify strengthens the immune system protects the body from any pathogenic organisms. On the other hand, since the adoption of diatomaceous earth for several months intestines are cleaned and significantly improves the absorption of nutrients from food, which brings many health benefits.

During the detoxification is possible to experience undesired symptoms, such as fatigue, concentration difficulties, headaches, hormonal disorders, edema, irritation of the bowel, constipation, skin changes, etc. These symptoms pass naturally, together with clearing toxins from the body. Diatomaceous earth does not kill existing intestinal beneficial bacteria.