Diatomaceous earth is a valuable tool for maintaining human health. Its use, however, is not limited to this. With diatomaceous earth you can control pests, limiting odors, to support the preservation of food, etc.

Pest control in the garden

Lightly sprinkle diatomaceous earth base of affected plants. But know that diatomaceous earth will kill beneficial insects. Do not spray directly on the plants to protect bees.

Home pests

Diatomaceous earth is effective in controlling the pest in your home as spiders, ants, cockroaches, millipedes and ticks. Sprinkle places where you noticed any insects.

Bad odors

Diatomaceous earth may be used in the refrigerator or for sprinkling on the bottom of the garbage bin to neutralize odors. Diatomaceous earth is powerful in absorbing odors.


Sprinkle and rub the fur of your dog with diatomaceous earth to kill fleas. Do it outdoors as surely rub diatomite in coat and shake well unnecessary amount. Repeat every 3-4 weeks as also sprinkle diatomaceous earth and the place where you sleep.

Storing food

Diatomite you can add in cereals and legumes if you want to keep them long of bugs and keep them dry.

Deworming of pets

Sprinkle the food of your pet with diatomaceous earth to its natural deworming. If you do it regularly, diatomaceous earth helps with pain in limbs and joints and will make his hair thicker and shiny.