Sage (Salvia officinalis) is a wonderful tool for maintaining the health of the oral cavity.

"Zdravnitza" offers you an Austrian recipe that strengthens teeth and gums. It is easily done at home. However, unlike ready-made toothpastes, it is prepared in the form of herbal powder.

Pre-wet the toothbrush, then dip it in the herbal powder. Keep in mind that this tooth "powder" does not foam, but is very good prophylactically and is composed entirely of natural ingredients.


1. Baking soda - it is recommended against dental bacteria, as well as in various colors.

2. White clay - against plaque on the teeth, deposits of heavy metals, has a whitening effect.

3. Xylitol - against caries and bacteria.

4. Diatomaceous earth (Diatomit) - rich in silicon.

5. Add 2 more tablespoons Sage, which is dried and ground to a powder, as well as Mint /dried leaves - powder/.

Mix all ingredients and mix very well. The finished mixture is stored in a glass jar.

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