Bach Therapy is a natural, world-renowned healing system focused on restoring soul harmony. This form of alternative medicine is inspired by classical homeopathic traditions and uses flower essences for its purposes.

The name "Bach therapy" comes from the family name of its discoverer - the British bacteriologist and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), who identified 38 different plants that have a beneficial effect on the emotional state.

Dr. Eduard Bach used two methods for preparing flower essences - solar and boiling. He believed that the morning sunlight passing through the dewdrops on the flower petals transferred its healing power to the dew. Dr. Bach collected the dew drops from plants exposed to sunlight and mixed it with an equal amount of organic brandy. At a later stage, he found that the amount of dew he could collect was not enough and started using spring water, in which he immersed the flowers and left them in the sun so that the sun's rays could pass through them.

Dr. Bach's therapeutic system is based mainly on the principle that the balance of the emotional world is the basis of good health - each of his 38 color essences is designed to affect the emotional causes of disease by neutralizing negative emotions and restoring balance between body and soul.

The benefits of the fragrant 38 flower elixirs are aimed at 7 main groups of conditions that Dr. Bach believed to have a key role in the development of certain diseases:
- fear;
- uncertainty;
- lack of interest in current circumstances;
- loneliness;
- hypersensitivity to influences;
- despondency and despair;
- excessive concern for the well-being of others.

Flower essences do not directly affect physical symptoms, but affect emotions. Dr. Bach believed that eliminating negative emotions helped the body to heal itself. His system is based on the effect of 38 flower essences, each of which targets a certain negative emotion. The use of flower elixirs helps against various psychosomatic disorders from which both the psyche and the physical body suffer.

After the death of Dr. Bach, his method sank into oblivion, but after the end of the Second World War it was revived again - the production of flower essences gradually began to spread both in Great Britain and throughout the world. Today, Dr. Bach's flower elixirs are available in the form of floral drops and sprays, completely prepared according to the methodology of their creator.

Dr. Bach's floral elixirs are available in various forms: drops, sprays, creams, etc. Therapeutic sprays have a number of benefits, including:
- easy to use – you can carry them everywhere with you, they fit in your pocket or bag;
- just two quick sprays are all you need to feel the rapid therapeutic effect;
- are made with only the highest quality ingredients;
- formulated according to the original color "recipes" of Dr. Bach;
- do not have an addictive effect;
- vegan products, do not contain preservatives and gluten.

Sprays according to the Bach method of Artesania Agricola

The Spanish company Artesania Agricola produces natural dietary supplements and products containing only premium raw materials. The brand also offers a wide range of floral essences, created according to the method of Dr. Bach, which are traditionally used to relieve states of fear, anxiety and increased nervous excitability.

Insecurity fears - spray, Plantis, 20 ml
A unique therapeutic spray based on Dr. Bach's method that helps with conditions of fear and anxiety. It is a combination of 6 floral elixirs produced according to the methods of controlled organic farming: Rock rose /Helianthemum nummularium/, Yellow monkeyflower /Mimulus gutattus/, Aspen /Populus tremula/, European larch /Larix decuida/, Red horse chesnut /Aesculus carnea/.

Stop-tobacco oral spray, Sin Tabac, 20 ml
Sin Tabac is a spray composed of various flower essences according to Dr. Bach's method. It helps smokers who want to get rid of the harmful habit and quit smoking. It contains a combination of floral elixirs, including: Meadowsweet /Spirea ulmaria/, Cherry /Prunus ceracifera/, Walnut /Juglans regia/, Agrimony /Agrimonia eupatoria/, Horstail /Equisetum arvence/, Black currant /Ribes nigrum/.

Night rest spray, Plantis, 20 ml
The therapeutic spray is formulated according to Dr. Bach's method and neutralizes tension, promotes a good night's rest and helps with insomnia. Contains floral elixirs produced according to the methods of controlled organic farming: Meadowsweet /Spiraea ulmaria/, Rock rose /Hellianthenum/, Hairy brome /Bromus ramosus/, Olive /Olea europaea/, Himalayan balsam /Impatiens glandulifera/, Grass lily /Ornithogalum unbellatum/, Verbena /Verbena officinalis/.

Urgency elixir, Plantis, 20 ml
The therapeutic spray reduces daily stress, helps better adaptation in periods of increased nervous excitability. Contains Helianthemum nummularium, Clematis vitalba, impatiens glandulifera, Prunus cerasifera, Ornithogalum umbellatum.

Antistress spray for children, Plantis, 20 ml
A unique anti-stress spray based on Dr. Bach's method, designed especially for children. It helps with nervous, restless, hyperactive and aggressive children. Contains floral elixirs with proven soothing properties including: Himalayan balsam /Impatiens glandulifera/, Horse chesnut /Aesculus hippocastanum/, Holly /Ilex aquifolium/, Calluna /Calluna vulgaris/, Chicory /Cichorium intybus/, Grape vine /Vitis vinifera/.

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