Magnesium chloride is not only harmless for tissue, but also has a strong impact on the activity of leukocytes and phagocytosis. Therefore, it is a perfect tool for treating external wounds.

Magnesium chloride needed for the production of a large quantity of gastric acid every day, and as a stimulating agent for proper digestion of starch enzymes. Many of aging people, particularly those suffering from chronic diseases which need more magnesium, can not produce sufficient hydrochloric acid and are therefore not able to absorb the magnesium oxide or carbonate.

Health benefits of magnesium chloride

Regular spraying of sun-damaged skin rejuvenation causes her from the inside out, causing her significant recovery after several months. Magnesium chloride helps with wrinkles and improves health and hair growth.

Spraying of teeth such as water for rinsing effect on the gums great, creating a highly alkaline environment in the mouth. Strengthens the teeth and affects superior in gingivitis. It is magnesium rather than calcium contributes to the formation of healthy enamel resistant to decay.

For mucous membranes:
People use low concentrations of rinsing the nose and eyes and even vaginal washings.

General tonic:
Magnesium chloride is a potent tonic stimulating all aspects of cell physiology and the production of energy. Magnesium is essential for life as it is involved in more than 325 enzymatic reactions. At regular intake of magnesium chloride expect more energy, strength and endurance, and even an increase in sexual energy.

Magnesium is perhaps the most important mineral nutrition, especially in athletes. In strenuous physical activity body disposed essential minerals through sweat, the most important of these is that magnesium. Maintaining its adequate level in the body helps with fatigue, heat exhaustion, metabolism and blood sugar control.

Pain relief:
Transdermal treatment with magnesium chloride is extremely important in sports injuries and pains in muscle strain and hard load on the joints.