During the hot summer months, people spend more time outdoors. Apart from the pleasant moments, family walks, picnics and a lot of fun outside, the warm weather can surprise us with some unpleasant emotions. They are mainly related to mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. To reduce the risks of these annoying animals and to protect ourselves from stings, we need tools to repel them.

A repellent is a substance that is applied to the skin, clothing or other surface. It can be found in the form of spray, lotion, gel, stick and even bracelets and stickers. The special ingredients in these products protect us by repelling pests.

In general, repellents are divided into 2 types: natural or synthetic. Essential oils, which are extracted from herbs and plants, are most often used as natural repellents.

"Zdravnitza" presents a list of several essential oils, incl. and recipes with it that have been proven to repel mosquitoes.

Lemon and Eucalyptus

The combination of essential oils of lemon and eucalyptus has been used since the 1940s as one of the most effective natural repellents. This combination provides more than 95% protection against mosquitoes within 3 hours after application.

To make the repellent you will need 1 part lemon oil, 1 part ecalyptus oil and 10 parts sunflower or hazelnut oil. The mixed oils are applied directly to the skin.


Lavender oil has a scent that has been proven to repel mosquitoes. Lavender has analgesic, antifungal and antiseptic properties. This means that in addition to fighting mosquitoes, lavender oil soothes the skin.

If you grow lavender in the garden, just cut the flowers into small pieces and apply them on the areas of the body that are sensitive to mosquito bites (especially the ankles and hands). Pure lavender essential oil can also be used. To do this, apply a few drops on a towel or cotton swab and rub on the skin.


Cinnamon oil can kill mosquito eggs. The oil can also work against adult comas and especially the Asian tiger mosquito.

Mix 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon oil with 100 ml of water. With the ready mixture you can spray the leather, the clothes, as well as the upholstery of the furniture. Cinnamon oil should be used with caution, as its high concentration can irritate the skin.


Thyme oil is one of the best natural remedies for repelling malaria mosquitoes. Both the leaves of the plant and the essential oil can be used.

If you are outdoors and there is a fire around you, you can throw thyme leaves in the fire. Burning the leaves offers ideal protection from annoying mosquitoes. Thyme oil can also be used for application on the skin. To do this, mix 4 drops of thyme essential oil with another base oil, e.g. olive oil or jojoba oil. If you prefer to make a spray - add 4 drops of thyme oil in 50 ml of water.


Citronella oil is one of the most effective and natural mosquito repellents. The oil is one of the most common ingredients in repellents available on the market. When you are outdoors, citronol oil provides you with about 50% protection from annoying insects.

To make the repellent you will need to make a mixture of water and glycerin in a ratio of 20:80. Add 30 drops of citronella essential oil to the mixture. The finished repellent is sprayed directly on the skin. Its effectiveness begins to wane when the smell begins to disappear. If your skin becomes red after applying the repellent, stop using it.

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