Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease in which skin cells grow very quickly and result in thick, white, shiny or red skin plaques. They usually appear on the knees, elbows, scalp, arms, feet or low back.


Normally, skin cells mature gradually and fall off every 28 days. New skin cells replace the outer layers of the skin surface, which fall off in our daily activities, from rubbing clothes, bathing. In psoriasis, the skin cells do not mature, but instead increase in number rapidly and rise to the surface of the skin in 3-6 days, forming the plaques characteristic of the disease.


The symptoms of psoriasis are variable and can occur in various combinations. Psoriasis can be mild, with small rash areas. In moderate to severe psoriasis, the skin can be significantly inflamed with raised, red areas whose surface is covered with a scaly, silvery crust.

What can we do ourselves to treat psoriasis?

Keep your skin hydrated. Carefully soften and remove the psoriatic crusts by applying cream on them and then peeling off the half-peeled crusts. This should be done very carefully so as not to injure the skin.

Follow the instructions for skin products and prescribed medications carefully. It can take some time and many mistakes to figure out which cosmetic products are best for you. For mild symptoms of psoriasis, various herbal products can be used, such as lotions and creams with Aloe Vera and others.

Excellent results are observed after the use of the herbal mixture for psoriasis of "Zdravnitзa", the application of Psocalmin cream, as well as the internal and external intake of black seed and sea buckthorn oils of "Zdravnitza".

Folk medicine for psoriasis:

Recipe for homemade ointment with herbs:
To make the ointment you need to use a new, unused container!

To 800 g of warmed cold pressed oil (or lard) add 2 handfuls of the following herbs:
- thyme flower
- mint flower
- St. John's Wort
- yarrow
- plantain
- nettle
- linden flower
- rose leaves.

Herbs can be used both fresh and dried. After adding the herbs, the mixture is left to cool and stay for 9 days. After the ninth day, take 7 tablespoons of the mixture and melt it without boiling, strain it and add 5 g of beeswax and 10 g of grated bee propolis.

However, before applying the ointment, it is good to test whether you are allergic to the ointment - as with hair dye (apply a little around your elbow and wait about 10 minutes)

Where to buy products for psoriasis?

Products against psoriasis can be found in "Zdravnitza".

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