Magnesium cream made at home is a perfect way to get magnesium. Can be used for the whole body. Evening soaking of the feet ensures fast absorption of magnesium, and the feet will be pleasantly warmed with softened skin.

If the facial skin is not particularly sensitive, it can also use the magnesium cream on the face. The cream absorbs beautiful, lightens various spots, freckles, and helps wrinkle removal. The feeling of gentle pinching and warming of the natural.

Magnesium cream is a painkiller ointment. Can be used in muscle injuries, back pain, tired legs. Magnesium cream can rub the knees, spine, shoulders. The cream improves blood circulation, acts soothing and relaxing.

Magnesium cream can be used instead of deodorant, helps with atopic dermatitis, improves the condition of dry and cracked skin.


- 150 g magnesium chloride (pharmacopoeial quality)
- 25 ml hot water
- 200 ml cocoa butter (or coconut oil)
- 50 ml vegetable oil
- 25 ml lanolin
- 50 ml beeswax

The last two ingredients are optional. If you can not access them or you can not get them, disable them from the prescription. However, the full prescription is recommended.

Method of preparation:

Pour the magnesium chloride with hot water and wait until it dissolves.

Cocoa butter (coconut oil), beeswax and lanolin are placed in a water bath. You can use a glass jar that you put in a saucepan with water. Wait until the ingredients soften, then stir gently. Then leave the mixture for 5 minutes to cool.

Put the jar with magnesium oil (obtained by mixing magnesium chloride and hot water) for 5 minutes in hot water.

The two mixtures are poured into a high, narrow container and stirred at high speeds. Rapid stirring results in the formation of a foam-like mixture of proteins. After stirring the liquids are mixed, and the resulting texture resembles mayonnaise. Then stir for another 5 min.

The resulting cream is placed in a jar and left in a warm place. If the room temperature is low, wrap the jar with a blanket. If the cream cools too quickly, it can be flattened.