The spice was known to Bulgarians until the beginning of the 20th century, after which it was forgotten. As a spice, the dried licks collected from the flowers of the sown saffron are used.

From 100,000 flowers, 5 kilograms of raw material are obtained, of which after drying, 1 kg remains stigmas. They have a dark orange color and a tangy taste. Their smell is specific.

Saffron absorbs moisture, so it should be stored in tightly closed glass containers. Saffron is most often adulterated with calendula and the safflower herb (Carthamus Tinctorius L.). For a long time, various parts of the herb have been used in traditional medicine as a laxative, pain reliever, antipyretic and as an antidote to poisoning.

In phytotherapy, saffron is used for hemorrhoids, hysteria, hypochondria, to increase diuresis, etc. Take 1 stigma 3 times a day before meals with a little water.

The real saffron in an amount of 0.001 g turns 1 liter of water yellow-gold. Saffron contains the glycoside crocin, which dyes various materials red. In addition to it, stigmas also contain bitter glycosides, wax, flavonoids, vitamins, etc.

Since ancient times, the spice has been used to adjust the taste, smell and color of food products and dishes. In the past, it was the most expensive and sought-after spice. It is used to color cheeses, fats, etc. It is added to soups, meat dishes, sauces, small baked goods, etc. Added in sweets, they acquire a beautiful yellow color and a gentle, pleasant aroma.

In Bulgarian cuisine, saffron was used almost until the beginning of the 20th century, after which it was forgotten. These days there is a real renaissance in the use of the spice.

Saffron is an ingredient in various types of curry. In the food industry, it is used not only as a colorant, but also as a good preservative. In cooking, it is used in small quantities - 2-3 stigmas are put on dishes prepared for 4 people.

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