Mastic (from Latin mastix) is another name for a fragrant resin that comes from the mastic tree called Pistacia lentiscus. It grows in the Mediterranean and has a wide range of applications: from medicine to industry. Its main producer is undoubtedly the Greek island of Chios, and it already holds for the entire EU the right to mastic production as a "Protected Mark of Origin".

The harvesting of mastic lasts from July to the beginning of October. Apart from the resin, mastic oil is also obtained. It is difficult to produce and in limited quantities, which determines its high price. Therefore, various imitations of mastics appear on the market, sold under the same name and made from boswellia or gum arabic, as well as pine tree resin and almond tree resin.

Mastic has been known as a medicine since ancient times and is still used as a folk remedy in the Middle East. In ancient Greece it was used as an antidote for snake bites, and in India and Persia it was used to fill tooth decay. The ancient Greek physician of the 1st century, Dioscorides, described the healing properties of mastic in his book De Materia Medica. Hippocrates wrote that mastic helped with digestive problems and colds, and Galen mentioned its use in bronchitis and to improve the quality of the blood. In the harems it was used for fresh breath and white teeth.

Mastic is believed to be rich in antioxidants and also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Whether it can help against Helicobacter pylori has not yet been conclusively proven. It can also be taken for various inflammations of the gums, as chewing it reduces the level of bacteria in the mouth. Nowadays, it is widely used in the cuisine of the peoples of the Middle East - from Turkish delights, jams to ice creams, sauces, dishes and soups.

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