Natural bee honey naturally possess various valuable nutritional and healing properties because it is collected from the various arable and mountain flowering plants. In essence, it is unique because his scars are determined by vegetation characteristic of the different regions and periods of the year.

Honey is not regulated drug, however Millennium experience of traditional medicine, as well as more recent studies of modern clinicians assigns its place among the natural products with curative effect.

About "Curcumed":

"Curcumed" of "Zdravnitza" is a traditional product that can be found under other names such as "Golden honey" or "Turmeric honey".

The natural ingredients of "Curcumed" are powerful antioxidants and have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

"Curcumed" is a natural product of "Zdravnitza", contains miraculous ingredients for health - natural Bulgarian honey, turmeric roots and black pepper. "Curcumed" works extremely favorably in colds and flu, supports the immune system, improves digestion, soothes the throat and reduces cough, improves heart health.

When the autumn starts and the flu viruses appear - "Curcumed" is your valuable helper!

Take 1 tablespoon a day. During flu epidemics or in the prevention of influenza or cold the dose may be doubled.

"Curcumed" can be added to a variety of snacks, warm or cold tea, fresh juice, smoothies, shakes, or simply spread on a toast.