Echinacea is one of the best-selling medicinal plants. At variable times, when colds multiply, it may be among the first to choose because of its effectiveness against colds, flu and flu-like conditions, regardless of the season, as it boosts immunity.

It was also used by the American Indians, who harvested the purple herb on prairies and in wild forests and used the root for therapeutic purposes. They drank tea from its root part, and finely ground the herb root was applied to hard-to-heal wounds, and the inflammation subsided surprisingly quickly. The fresh leaves of the herb wrapped around the wound like modern patches.

In the 19th century, the homeopath Joseph Meyer observed an Indian woman rubbing echinacea root. This was a turning point in the spread of the herb throughout America - from infections and colds to inflammation of the lower abdomen. At a time when there were no antibiotics in North America, the plant was among the most widely used medicinal herbs.

Curiously, the plant entered Europe as an ornamental plant and only in 1897 were noticed its healing properties. Studies followed that stimulated the immune system and the fight against pathogenic microbes, and year after year more and more applications of echinacea were discovered.

When to use echinacea?

In flu-like conditions, colds, to strengthen the immune system in chronic infectious diseases such as sinusitis, inflammation of the ovaries and urinary tract.

Taking preparations with echinacea does not preclude the use of antibiotics, on the contrary - is recommended.

Echinacea tea is recommended for skin inflammations and hard-to-heal wounds.

Antiviral products are suitable for various febrile conditions.

It can be taken prophylactically, it is especially suitable in the fall, when we enter the winter season.

When to avoid echinacea?

For allergies to herbs of the family Compositae: chamomile, calendula, chicory and, of course, echinacea.

During an allergy, as there is a danger of exacerbating urticaria, as the tick acts on the immune system.

In autoimmune diseases such as polyarthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis.

Children can also take preparations with echinacea, but it is mandatory to consult a pediatrician.

Start taking echinacea as soon as you feel that you have the flu, cold, etc. At the peak of the disease and taking it, there will be no improvement, homeopaths advise.

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