Compresses are excellent cosmetics for tired, worn out, poorly flowing and dry skin. They also act superlatively on greasy, dirty and broad-skinned skin. Hot compresses soften the stratum corneum, clean the pores and improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Cold compresses refresh, tonify and soothe the sore skin.

The addition of herbs increases the ability of the compress to cleanse and refresh the skin, to contracture the pores and expand the blood vessels. They are a very useful, affordable and inexpensive means of home-made cosmetics. Herbs have epithelant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-aging and disinfecting action.

It is necessary to know the action of the different herbs and, as the case may be, to select the appropriate types of herbs. Here is the action of one of the most commonly used herbs in cosmetic practice:

Rose leaves
toning, smoothing and soothing all skint types.

acts soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and disinfectant. It also has healing properties. It is applied to any skin, especially oily.

St. John's Wort
clean, lightens and refreshes the skin. It has an epithelant and healing action, applied in oily, coarse and unclean skin.

acts smoothing on dry, rough and scaly skin.

acts anti-inflammatory, soothing and improving blood circulation, useful in restless and over-irritable skin.

acts as a tonic, applied to oily, unclean and broad-skinned skin.

tight and clean pores, regulates oily secretion, applies to impure and inflamed skin.

Lemon balm
It acts refreshingly in aging, aging and relaxed skin.

lightens, cleanses, soothes and acts anti-inflammatory on all skin types.

improves skin metabolism, cleanses the skin, releases it from the toxic products of sweating, is good for any type of skin, especially with a combination of chamomile.

tightens and constricts pores, applies to comedones (blackheads), lichens and eczema.

To be used for compress, the herbs are infused. For this purpose, a handful of herbs are poured with a glass of boiling water and allowed to boil for 10 minutes. A cloth is immersed in the hot potion, drained and applied to the face. Allow to stand for 5-6 minutes. Then place a second cloth soaked in cold water with ice. It is left for 3-4 minutes. This procedure is repeated 3 times. Fatigue disappears from her face - it becomes fresh, pink and slightly swollen.

This procedure should not be done in "red skin", "red veins", in dry and sensitive skin, irritated and inflamed skin. In such skins, compresses are recommended with cool herbal water that soothes, refreshes and moisturizes them.