Pectin is a structural polysaccharide contained in the primary cell walls of terrestrial plants. It was first isolated and described in 1825 produced commercially as a white to light brown powder. Derived mostly from apples and citrus fruits, the most useful quality is apple pectin.

Pectin passes through the small intestine almost no chemical change. This makes it one of the most effective dietary fiber.

High cholesterol, liver and gall problems

With regular intake of apple pectin is achieved with 5% to 18% reduction in bad cholesterol levels. This substance breaks down fatty deposits and displays the excess fat from the body.

Apple pectin is important for effective treatment of liver from toxins. Being in the body, this substance is discharged directly from the urinary system. It reaches places with accumulation of toxins and other harmful substances and facilitates their removal from the body.

Apple pectin is there are a bunch of benefits and activities of bile as it does not allow the deposition of rocks in it and contribute to breaking the already formed.

Gastritis and Colitis

Apple pectin is indispensable for stomach problems and ailments such as gastritis, colitis and gases. Most goodness way to prepare your stomach for the challenges it faces in food consumption is to drink your morning scoop pectin dissolved in a little water. This light soothes irritation and eliminates swelling accompanying unpleasant gases.


Taking apple pectin is recommended for patients with diabetes and this proved a number of studies that promote regular intake from patients with this disease. It was found that only about twenty days with regular intake of the substance (20 grams daily) significantly improves glucose tolerance.

Body Toxins

Pectin is an extremely effective means for disposing of toxins. Being in lymph, this substance directly to the toxic compounds in our body expels them through the urinary system.

Weight loss

Undoubtedly, the top administration of apple pectin, which ranks first in the ranking is its use for weight loss. A few days try to eat only the mixture, it is allowed to eat fresh fruit if you are experiencing hunger.

The first days it probably will seem impossible to implement, because the body is accustomed to accept more copious amounts of food. After a few days you can add to your diet lighter dishes such as boiled rice, roasted or boiled white meat.

Useful breakfast for weight loss is the addition of pectin to spoon oatmeal. Remember to add to breakfast spoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Fasting spoon pectin dissolved in water, also has a beneficial effect on weight loss.


yogurt - one pack
apple pectin - a large spoon
Honey - the same amount as pectin
chopped walnuts - about 40-50 gr, which is equivalent to ten walnuts
cinnamon - half teaspoon
propolis - 30 drops

Dissolve pectin in the yogurt, by first stirring the mixture several times, then leave to stand overnight in a refrigerator. To save time waiting in the morning, the better option is mixing pectin in the yogurt of the evening.

The remaining ingredients were added in the morning and the mixture was stirred vigorously. The ingredients in this mix are the perfect tool for weight loss, cleansing of toxins, regulating blood pressure, heart rate, slowing aging.