This sunny yellow flower feels best on mountain meadows and limestone swamps, and looks quite delicate at first glance. Its slightly torn delicate flowers create the feeling that even a gust of wind can carry them away.

However, the 30-40 cm high stems withstand the strong mountain wind without even tilting. This external resistance of the plant against atmospheric influences also suggests the direction in which its application can be sought. Medicines with herbal extracts have been proven especially for blunt trauma to the skin surface. That's why they jokingly call arnica "the patron of muscles and bruising".

Arnica is relatively late to establish itself as a popular and almost universal herb. Going back, we find it in the works of St. Hildegard von Bingen in the Middle Ages (11-12 century). It was not until the 18th century that its healing properties became more widely used and used in gout, rheumatism, varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. In 2001 it was named Medicinal Plant of the Year.

Externally, arnica should not be taken for the herb calendula or wild sunflower. It should not be dried in the sun, but in the shade. Immediately after drying, the drug is inspected once more and if heads damaged by insects are found, they are immediately discarded. From 5 kg of fresh flowers 1 kg of dry herb is obtained.

It has a hemostatic, choleretic, vasodilating and excitatory effect on the nervous system. In folk medicine it is used for uterine bleeding, shortness of breath, bronchitis, diabetes. Externally used to apply compresses, boils, wounds, burns. 2 tbsp. pour 500 ml of water, soak for 60 minutes. Strain and drink 100 ml 3 times daily before meals.

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