Soda has been known to man since fifteen hundred - two thousand years before our era, and maybe even earlier. It is extracted from the soda lakes.

The first information about the production of soda by evaporating the water from soda lakes can be found in the writings of the Roman doctor Dioscorides.

Avicenna wrote: "A place bitten by a dog and any bite or sting should be poured with human urine mixed with natural soda."

Artificial soda was obtained only in the 18th century.

The first industrial method of producing soda was established in Russia. In 1764, the Russian chemist, Swedish by origin, academician Eric Gustav Laxman reported that soda can be obtained by roasting natural sodium sulfate with charcoal.

In 1791, the French doctor and chemical technologist Nicolas LeBlanc, without knowing Laxman's method, received a patent named "Method for converting Glauber's salt into soda." Leblanc proposed that soda was made by heating a mixture of sodium sulfate, chalk (calcium carbonate), and charcoal.

Many European countries are beginning to use the LeBlanc soda production technology.

Now several million tons of soda are produced in the world a year.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) also does not remain without use. It serves as a source of carbon dioxide in the baking of bread and confectionery, in carbonated drinks and also in fire extinguishers.

In addition, baking soda takes its rightful place in the home pharmacy as one of the simplest and cheapest, but very necessary remedies.

Health benefits and use of soda

In case of scrofula (lymphaticism), the affected area should be washed with soda mixed with soap and a little milk.

Against candidiasis, soda should be mixed in equal quantities with the juice of cereal fruits or garden sour fruits, rosehip flowers should be added and boiled until the liquid is reduced by half. The residue should then be strained and sweetened with honey. The liquid thus obtained should be kept in the mouth frequently.

Against mastitis, it is necessary to make a compress of grated carrot, soda and cream five times a day.

Against frequent vomiting, stomach pain and metal poisoning: take 820 g of soda, pour 2.5 liters of water, boil and then drink 1 large glass every half or quarter of an hour, accompanied by a glass of fresh milk. Therapy continues until the stomach is cleared of the poison.

In case of difficulty urinating, the patient should stay for 4 hours immersed up to the waist in a warm bath, with chamomile flowers and a large amount of soda added to the water.

In the case of leg ulcers, it is useful to wash the ulcers 3 times a day in an aqueous solution of soda, after which the wound is covered with clean and dry gauze.

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