The advice comes from Dr. Vasilka Yurukova, a specialist in internal medicine, homeopath and Schussler therapist.

Temperature amplitudes also affect people with asthma, and in a season in which so many viruses are spreading. How can people with asthma get through flu season using natural remedies? What can people with asthma do as prevention?

How does the cold outside affect asthma?

During the cold weather, the frequency of respiratory diseases increases. In addition, the cold itself provokes bronchospasm. For people with asthma, the keyword in this season is heat: warm liquids, warm foods, under no circumstances drink cold water, do not eat cold foods from the refrigerator. It is imperative to wear warm clothes, especially in the chest area.

The second thing is to avoid or minimize mucus-forming foods: e.g. fresh milk and other dairy foods, by no means at every meal. Drink a lot of water, because the water balance is very important for clearing the cells of toxins.

The third is using natural immunostimulants: in this regard, Schussler (mineral) salts are extremely suitable. It is about Schussler's (mineral) salt No. 3, 7 and 8. It should be known that salts No. 3 and 8 are basic and are used for all types of allergies, incl. skin and respiratory, such as asthma, and salt No. 7 acts as an antispasmodic.

Why are more children suffering from asthma?

It is a combination of factors: e.g. heredity, polluted environment, and also the way of eating.

Asthma - atopic dermatitis

In practice, it is the same disease. Atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, and hay fever, these are different manifestations of one disease that affects different organs. This should be realized by more doctors, because when suppressed e.g. atopic dermatitis with corticosteroids, then respiratory allergies start. Suppressing rashes, which is the body's way of getting rid of toxins from the body, causes the allergy to be pushed further into the body, affecting more important organs such as the lungs. Therefore, it is very important to organize the use of corticosteroid treatment. It is recommended to include homeopathy and Schussler salts. There are 300 homeopathic remedies available for these ailments.

People think that asthma occurs in the same way in all patients, but in practice, each patient has "his" asthma, i.e. it occurs in different ways such as attacks and manifestation. For some, an asthma attack is triggered by anxiety. In some children, an asthma attack is provoked by jealousy, e.g. birth of a new child in the family. Homeopathy can also affect the emotional state.

With these remedies - homeopathy and Schussler's (mineral) salts, the symptoms can largely disappear, but one thing always remains in mind - e.g. these children should choose a profession in which there is no dust, no smoking, stress control, i.e. that there are no factors that can trigger the disease again.