Lemon balm is a perennial herb with a pleasant lemony smell. The stem is four-edged, branched, 30-80 cm high, covered with glandular and simple hairs. The flowers are pale yellow, white or pink. Leaves are opposite, petiolate, broadly ovate-rhombic or oblong. The fruit is composed of 4 one-seeded, ovoid nutlets. Blooms June-September.

It grows in thickets and rare forests on grassy and stony places all over Bulgaria.

he leaves and flowering tops of the stem are used.

Therapeutic action:

Calms the nervous system, has an antispasmodic-antispastic, pain-relieving and anticonvulsant effect. Stimulates appetite and digestion processes, suppresses nausea and vomiting.

Bulgarian folk medicine recommends lemon balm for:
- neuroses, neurasthenias, cardiac neuroses, migraine;
- sexual arousal, digestive disorders of neurogenic origin;
- high blood pressure, dizziness, irregular menstruation.

Lemon balm leaves are used for dizziness, headache, high blood pressure, to enhance vision, regulate irregular menstruation, tinnitus, gout, insomnia, bad breath.

How to use lemon balm?

External application:
It is used for compresses for bruises, rheumatism, swelling of the mammary glands in nursing mothers, boils, gargling for toothache, gargling for sore throats.

Internal application:
2 tablespoons of the herb are poured with 400 ml of boiling water. Soak for 1 hour. Drink 100 ml before meals, 4 times a day.

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