Healing clay treatment has been known for thousands of years and is being applied externally and internally. It is usually applied where we have a diseased site with inflammation.

Disease processes that are not accompanied by severe inflammation are usually not subject to cold clay compresses. However, a 1-2 compress experience will immediately show us whether it is used correctly or not. In most cases, compressions in non-inflammatory processes are made with hot clay slurry, not cold compresses. This is an old healing rule: where there is no reaction lacking fire and inflammation, rescue can not be. The heat that is missing must then be induced.

Here are some benefits of external compresses with natural, Bulgarian clay:

1. Skin diseases

The Bulgarian clay is the most suitable for them. These are different types of psoriasis, eczema, furunculus, corbum, and many other skin inflammations.

2. Joint diseases

You can use it in all types of joint inflammation, where the hand feels the fire of the diseased joint.

3. Sprains

For mild forms of sprain, the sedative action should be felt with the first compress.

4. Pleurit, sciatica, lumbago

For Pleurit - try compresses of natural Bulgarian clay. Lumbago and sciatica are treated with hot sores with clay slurry.

5. Inflamed and varicose veins, burns

All types of wounds of burns are attributable to this treatment. Enlarged and inflamed veins should also take care of clay compresses.

6. Joint and skin tuberculosis

The nature of suffering requires a special and sustained course of support for classical medicine.

7. Frost, cracked hands and feet

The results in this case are really amazing.

8. For gynecological problems

In this case, make a cross compress - to make a clay slurry use vinegar. It is very useful in whitening, inflammation of the ovaries, inflammation of the external genital organs.

9. Eyes diseases

With different eye complaints, external eye compresses can be made.