Painting Easter eggs with the help of the roots of the Spurwort (Rubia tinctorum L.) plant is one of the oldest known recipes. This method of painting is quite popular in Cyprus even today, but in the past it was one of the few eggs for coloring eggs with natural dyes taken from nature.

What exactly will become the color of the eggs after painting depends mainly on what they were before, ie. how light or dark their shell was. The shade of color that will be obtained depends on the duration of the painting. The shades that can be obtained when using the roots are yellow, orange, tiled red. When you want the eggs to turn red do not use white eggs. White eggs will turn yellow to orange.

Recipe for Egg Painting with Spurwort:

First of all, we recommend that you use an old container or one that you rarely use because it will be permanently colored after the procedure.

1. Spurwort roots are tapped with a hammer for a place so that they can crack and chop. This action will help in a more saturated color.
2. Saturated roots are placed at the bottom of the pan and eggs are placed on them.
3. Fill the container with eggs with cold water to cover it completely.
4. Set the container on a moderate heat and, when the water boils, adjust the temperature so that it boils quietly. Cooking lasts 10-12 minutes.
5. Turn off the stove. Keep the eggs in the container until they have the desired color.

The painted eggs are removed from the water and placed on paper so that it will dry. If desired, you can grease them with a little oil so it shine.

Where can buy Spurwort root?

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