Useful tips from Dr. Lyudmila Emilova, Bulgaria.

Probably along with the pandemic and advice to strengthen the immune system, you often come across this concept - quercetin. Recently, doctors often advise to get supplements with zinc, vitamin D, selenium and quercetin.

What is behind this name?

Quercetin belongs to a group of plant compounds called flavonoids. These substances act as "cleansers" (antioxidants) in our body and absorb and destroy free radicals. Free radicals cause inflammation in our body and are at the root of many health problems.

Quercetin has been shown to support the immune system, deliver zinc directly to cells and enhance the action of vitamin C. Fights inflammation inside the body and in the oral cavity, relieves allergies, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure. There is already enough scientific research to support the thesis that quercetin slows down the degenerative processes in the body, that is, slows down aging. The cosmetics industry has long included it in "magic" pills that should keep the priceless youth.

Of course, you can buy quercetin from the pharmacy. But we advise you to look for it in live food, because in this way it will be best absorbed by your body.

Which foods contain the most quercetin?

1. Canned capers - this is the most concentrated source of quercetin
2. Vegetables: red onion (the best vegetable source of quercetin), shallots, green onions, yellow and green peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus
3. Fruits: berries, red apples, grapes, cherries, citrus fruits
4. Nuts: almonds and pistachios
5. Legumes: buckwheat
6. Tea: green and elderberry

You can compose the menu so that it contains raw, green vegetables - in fact, quercetin is a pigment in many of them. It is good to add raw onions to salads, one of the most powerful natural antibiotics.

Buckwheat is an excellent breakfast, and buckwheat bread does not contain gluten and is great for regulating stomach activity. And a freshly squeezed orange juice or spinach smoothie is a great start to the day. Be sure to take with you to the office and a handful of almonds soaked in water from the night before. A cleverly made weekly menu can provide you with enough of the invaluable quercetin.

Stay healthy!