September, the time of the grape harvest, is the ideal period to eat more grapes, or you have stayed only on grapes for two to four days or more, if you have experience in therapeutic fasting and are sure that you can do the feeding correctly.

Freshly plucked fruit from the vine - what sweeter start to the day? If you buy grapes, do so at your local market and ask if they have been treated with pesticides, not at the supermarket where you are offered imported and chemically treated fruit.

What grapes to choose?

It is believed that red and black grapes are more useful than white. There is a joke in folk folklore: the more a fruit gets its hands dirty, the more valuable it is. The same can be said for red wine compared to white.

Are grapes suitable for everyone?

People with colitis and gastritis should avoid it. Or make it in juice, without seeds and skins. Although its most valuable substances are precisely in the seeds and shells, and therefore many people grind them in grinders and add them to the smoothie. The seeds and shells contain the most resveratrol, a phytochemical that research has shown to have anti-cancer effects. And the vines that have not been sprayed contain the most resveratrol. Because this phytochemical is "produced" by the fruits and leaves to protect them from pests. When chemicals do this job, the natural cycle of creating resveratrol is disrupted.

People with kidney failure should also be careful with grapes because of their high potassium content. But for everyone else, this fruit is a real treasure.
Few people in our country know that in the 1930s the Varna municipality built on the seashore in St. Konstantin and Elena, the first grape treatment station. There, under medical supervision, Bulgarians and foreigners underwent grape treatment for 2-3 weeks, eating nothing else.

The great Bulgarian healer Petar Dimkov recommends 2.5 kg of grapes to replace food for one day.

Here are the priceless gifts of grapes:
- Contains all B vitamins, vitamins A and C:
- Strengthens the heart and blood vessels with the polyphenols and vitamin K it contains.
- Lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, with its potassium and fiber content
- Regulates blood sugar. The fructose in grapes doesn't turn into fat like regular white sugar does, but is absorbed from the gut and doesn't raise blood sugar sharply or much. Therefore, grapes are also suitable for people with insulin resistance and type two diabetes, if used in therapeutic fasting.
- Strengthens eyesight. Contains lutein and B vitamins and vitamin A
- Quercetin, which is contained in grapes, strengthens the immune system as a whole and improves brain functions
- Minerals in grapes strengthen bones.
- Grape leaves can be used for tea as well as tinsel. Canned and store-bought grape leaves contain salt and acids. Therefore, if you like vine tinsel, pick white grape leaves and sterilize them. And you can dry them and use them for tea in winter. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, just like grapes themselves. Vine leaf tea can help people with arthritis, sore throats, sinusitis, reflux, stomach aches – by relieving symptoms.
- Grape seeds are a super raw material for the cosmetic industry – their oil, for example, works wonders for the skin.

Where to buy grape products?

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