The original Canadian maple syrup contains organic acids, which is a little-known fact. Organic acids are lemon, sucrose, malic, not only found in lemons, apples, etc., and are substances that are looking for weight loss as they enter as substrates in the energy exchange process. This is known as the Krebs cycle or the citric acid cycle, which is performed in the body as a food metabolism.

Maple syrup is rich in iron, making us cheerful, fresh, affecting cellular food, important for menstruation. It also contains magnesium - against muscle cramps (muscle stiffness), it affects the work of the muscles, for energy. With maple syrup, we also get more manganese, even zinc, which is usually included in the meat, and is contained in the herbal product. It contains many vitamins from the B complex, which are beneficial for the whole metabolism, incl. fat metabolism and brain activity.

The original Canadian maple syrup contains many minerals that are vital to the human bio-tone, activating the metabolic processes. Contains also vitamin A - which is related to vision, growth, and building a healthy epithelium.

Maple syrup for weight loss

Original Canadian maple syrup includes various diets for weight loss. Its popularity began not as a product of weight loss but as a product for detoxification. Because it contains all the vitamins and minerals which activate the metabolic processes and increase the metabolism. Therefore, it is very suitable for weight loss.

Maple syrup as a sugar substitute

Maple syrup is recommended as a substitute for sugar when sweetening coffee, tea, pastries, etc., because it contains natural sugars that are easily absorbed. Specialists recommend syrup not only as a sweetener, but also for a dozen culinary preparations - it is a very sophisticated supplement like glaze - glaze meat, bacon, sweets.

When to take maple syrup?

It is good to take the maple syrup before, but it is important to take it periodically - for example, instead of 3 days to be on a lunar diet, to be on a maple syrup to refresh us, help us to throw away toxins, improve metabolism.

Maple syrup as a cosmetic product

To revive hair and regain its shine there is a tool that will help you - maple syrup. It is a great alternative for cancer prevention, diabetes and obesity, but it is also a great cure for dry, dehydrated hair. Apart from the fact that sucrose in maple syrup is extremely useful, it also contains a large amount of valuable microelements.

It is necessary to mix only a few products and apply once a week. Required:
3 tablespoons Original Canadian maple syrup;
2 tablespoons Olive oil;
1 tеaspoons Natural honey.

Mix in a bowl of maple syrup, honey and olive oil (instead of olive oil, add 2 more tablespoons of maple syrup). Place the mixture on the hot plate and stir until it melts completely. Allow to cool.

Apply the magic mixture on your hair by cutting it from the roots to the edges with a wide comb. Then cover your hair in a hat. After 20 minutes, rinse and wash with a shampoo for dry hair.

The original Canadian maple syrup can make great face masks that nourish in depth with valuable vitamins and minerals, provide antioxidant effect and act detoxifying.